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Office Work Pods

Office Work Pods

Office Work Pods

The Office Work Pod is a room-in-room acoustic rated privacy office pod that offers staff a free space to make conference calls, to work undisturbed or for two people to work side-by-side. These Work Pods provides the space, intimacy and privacy without having to leave the room.

Enclosed Work Pods are an ideal solution for 'the new normal' modern office. Our place of work now demands workstation solutions that provide not just alternative free spaces used by many but defined personal workspaces used by only one or a few to limit contact within the office. Where the office desk pod and office pod once stood out for its acoustics now stands out for its enclosed space.

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  1. Pod Safe Isolation Pod
    Pod Safe Isolation Pod for safe meetings in 'the new normal' with healthy air space.
  2. Space M Work Pod
    Space M Work Pod the perfect enclosed focus room to work or meet either sitting or standing.
  3. CD01 Campers Work Pod
    CD01 Campers Work Pod is an enclosed acoustic meeting or work pod with pod furniture.
  4. Milli Sit Work Pod Milli Sit Work Pod
    Milli Sit Work Pod
    Milli Acoustic Work Pod for focused private and seated work for longe sessions.
  5. Cell Pod Zoom Booths
    New Cell Pod Zoom Booth - acoustically enhanced single users pods for Zoom, Meet or Teams calls.
  6. Oasis Linear Study Pod
    Oasis Linear Study Pod with integrated soft seat and worktop is perfect for undisturbed calls and work.
  7. HushHybrid Work Pod
    HushHybrid Work Pod is a single user hybrid work and better video conferencing Pod.
  8. Lohko Box 2 Meeting Pod
    Lohko Box 2 Meeting Pod is a glass and wood one to two-person meeting pod.
  9. POD 1 Focus Work Pod
    POD 1 Focus Work Pod is freestanding enclosed workspace for the modern office.
  10. Kolo Midi Work Pod
    Kolo Midi Work Pod is a fully enclosed focus space for the open office.
  11. Microoffice Qubiq Work Pod
    The Microoffice Qubiq Work Pod is a spacious focus work or meeting pod for two people
  12. HideAway Zoom Booth
    HideAway Zoom Booth is a single user function-specific conference call work pod for office use
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Acoustic Work Pod Shapes and Sizes

Acoustic Work Pods for offices are increasingly popular as they provide personal enclosed workstations equipped with everything a user needs for work-related tasks. Made to order, pods are available in standard sizes offering either solo work pods or dual units that provide a comfortable space for two to work side-by-side.

Task Focused Office Desk Pods

Office work pods are fast becoming essential office products in the open-plan office. These Hubs offer slightly bigger cabins than the office phone booth, giving the user a comfortable seat at a desk or standing height desk for focused work or private calls. Fully equipped, the office work pods keep users connected and their favourite devices charged with plug sockets, USB charging ports and data sockets if required.

As businesses across the globe rely on video conference software such as GoToMeeting, Skype, Teams and Zoom as a way of communicating, so will the need for enclosed pods such as work pods for offices.