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Office Pods

Office Pods

Office Pods, Work Pods and Booths

For all your office pod and booth requirements, furnify provides work pods, modular meeting pods & portable meeting rooms.

Acoustic Office Pods are increasing in popularity and quickly becoming the number one modern office furniture solution must-have. Their popularity is driven by the need for alternative free private meeting spaces or to create acoustic seating pods within the open-plan office environment.

Modular Office Pods allow businesses of all sizes to create additional and movable room-in-rooms of various sizes. They also don’t require planning permission, and there are no dilapidation costs at the end of the lease.

Perfect for remote working and one-to-one meetings, the furnify range of modular office pods covers everything from unfixed cellular offices to collaboration work pods. Browse brands such as KoplusSenatorFramery and Hush Pods. The furnify portfolio of movable office pods for sale includes acoustic office meeting room pods, cellular office pods, lounge pods, work pods, office desk pods, and office phone booths. Each of these offers a wide range of quality materials and fabric colours to match your interior workspace.

Soundproof Your Space: Enhance Productivity with Office Pods

The Rise of Office Pods: From Portable Rooms to Collaborative Havens

Office pods have become a staple in London offices and worldwide, offering a solution for privacy and focus in open-plan offices. But where did these innovative workspaces come from?

Early Innovations: Orangebox (2004)

The term "office pod" can be traced back to Orangebox, a leading furniture company in the United Kingdom. In 2004, they introduced the "Area Office Pods" a pioneering example of the concept. This initial model focused on portability and a sleek design that could integrate into various office environments. While not strictly designed solely for work, its functionality extended beyond simple meeting spaces.


Evolution of the Office Pod: From Basic to Bespoke

Orangebox innovation sparked a revolution in workspace solutions. Other companies began creating their own versions of office pods, catering to diverse needs. The offerings range from:

Phone Booth: Basic support shelf and stool providing a fundamental level of privacy and focus for calls.
Office Pods: They feature custom finishes, AV functionality for a TV or Monitor, and furniture, essentially providing a truly personalized work environment.


Office pods have evolved greatly since their initial introduction. Today, they offer a spectrum of functionalities, from primary privacy booths and work pods to feature-rich collaborative spaces. This evolution reflects the changing needs of modern workplaces and employees.


Looking for a way to boost privacy, focus, and employee wellbeing in your open office?

Office pods are self-contained, soundproof workstations that provide a perfect solution for the modern workspace.


Here's how office pods can benefit your business:

Enhanced Privacy & Focus: Offer employees dedicated quiet spaces for focused work, confidential calls, and video conferencing.
Improved Wellbeing & Reduced Stress: Create a calmer work environment that reduces noise distractions and promotes better employee well-being.
Increased Productivity: Soundproof pods minimize noise disruptions, allowing employees to concentrate and be more productive.
Easy Installation & Reconfiguration: Freestanding pods require no planning permission, and they eliminate dilapidation costs.
Wide Range of Sizes & Customization Options: From phone booths to large meeting pods, find the perfect solution for your space and team size.

We offer a variety of office pod options, including:

Phone Booths: Single-user call space ideal for private calls.
Meeting Pods: Acoustically-treated pods for focused meetings and brainstorming sessions (available in various sizes).
Work Pods: Compact, enclosed workstations for individual work with minimal distractions.

Not sure which pod is right for you?

Our team can help you choose the perfect solution based on your space, needs, and budget.


Contact us today to explore our wide range of office pods and create a more productive and peaceful work environment!


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