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Four-Person Pods

Four-Person Pods

Four-Person Pods

Explore contemporary design and optimal functionality with our three and 4-person office pods. These adaptable pods offer an ideal setting for private small meetings or focused work while optimizing space utilization. Crafted using premium acoustic materials, the furnify pods are customizable to align with your requirements, featuring options such as integrated tables, power outlets, LED lighting, AV equipment, back panels, and acoustic laminated glass panels. Our range of office pods and meeting booths comes in various sizes, catering to diverse needs- one-to-one sessions or larger team meetings accommodating up to 4 individuals. Experience the latest office pod innovation with our thoughtfully designed and versatile solutions.

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  1. Hush Lounge Pod
    Hush Lounge Pod is an acoustically insulated meeting pod for up to four people.
  2. Busypod Large 4
    The Busypod Large 4 is a comfortable four-person pod and highly customisable
  3. Qyos 400 Office Pod
    Qyos 400 Office Pod is a great acoustic booth for 4 people to meet in private
  4. Framery Four Office Pod Framery Four Office Pod
    Framery Four Office Pod
    Framery Four Office Pod for 4 people offers superior soundproofing, automatic climate control, and a customizable design.
  5. se:cube Max Office Pod
    se:cube MAX Office Pod is a free-standing wheel chair accessable solution for meetings and collaboration
  6. Bob Meeting Pod
    The Bob Meeting Pod is a versatile solution that provides semi-enclosed and private pods
  7. CellPOD
    The CellPOD system provides custom made to measure room-in-room for meeting, colloboration, focused work and conference calls.
  8. Framery Q Office Pod
    The Framery Q Office Pod is a four-person office meeting pod providing a soundproofed space
  9. Cell Pod V2 Meeting Pods
    Cell Pod V2 Meeting Pod is an architectural room-in-room system for creating unfixed private spaces
  10. Kolo Duo Meeting Booth
    Kolo Duo Meeting Booth is an unfixed two to four-person meeting space available from stock.
  11. Air3 Meeting Pods
    Air3 Meeting Pods offer both small and large acoustic meeting and collaboration spaces for the modern office.
  12. Cell Pod Meeting Pods
    CellPod Meeting Pods offer a range of bespoke acoustic pods for private meetings with special width and height dimensions.
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Experience the boundless versatility of our 3- or 4-person  pods, which are designed to adapt to various scenarios. Choose from four-person pods featuring fixed tables, integrated sofa seating, or dynamic height-adjustable desks paired with stools and chairs, offering endless possibilities. Whether your teams engage in collaborative tasks, conduct personal calls, or seek moments of respite amidst the hustle and bustle of the workday, these meeting pods cater to diverse needs. With many fabric options available to align with company branding or office aesthetics, these pods offer a cost-effective solution for expanding meeting space without construction disruptions or excessive expenses. Elevate your workspace with these flexible and stylish meeting solutions.


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