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Introducing Mews Focus Pods, the cutting-edge architectural solution that redefines workspaces and elevates productivity. Choose between the Mews Focus Pod and the Focus Brief.

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Mews Focus Pod

Introducing Mews Focus Pods, the cutting-edge architectural solution that redefines workspaces and elevates productivity. In the past, architectural interventions were solely focused on dividing spaces and ensuring privacy. However, in today's dynamic workplace, the emphasis has shifted to enclosed office work pods that offer unparalleled functionality and adaptability. But we believe that true innovation goes beyond functionality alone – it should also inspire a sense of well-being. That's where Mews Focus Pods excel.

Designed to enhance the ergonomics of your space, Mews Focus Pods go beyond the conventional by incorporating elements that optimize air quality, temperature, and lighting. These thoughtfully crafted pods create private retreats that not only elevate the quality of work but also foster connection and collaboration.

With Mews Focus Pods, you can enjoy a secluded environment that promotes productivity and concentration. The pods are carefully engineered to provide an ideal atmosphere, ensuring optimal air circulation and ventilation for a refreshing and invigorating work experience. Temperature control mechanisms maintain a comfortable ambiance, tailored to your preferences, while lighting features are strategically integrated to enhance focus and reduce eye strain.

By investing in Mews Focus Pods, you're investing in more than just a workspace solution – you're investing in an elevated work experience. Step into a private retreat that combines functionality with a focus on your well-being, allowing you to thrive in a space that feels both inspiring and comfortable.

Discover the future of workspace design with Mews Focus Pods and unlock the potential for enhanced productivity, connectivity, and collaboration.

The Mews Focus Pod, is a family of enclosed private workspaces in two sizes, the Mews Focus and Mews Focus Brief. The Mews Focus is the slightly larger, more spacious work pod, whereas the Focus Brief is more compact.

The Mews Focus Pods have a black structural frame and feature a frame and 6mm thick glazing bar front and back finished in Black RAL 9005. The two opposite sides have upholstered panels. The work pods feature a hinged glass door with 8mm toughened glass. The pods have a levelling plinth including floor tiles: Modulyss Grind 130.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2250
Width (mm) 2430 or 1726
Depth (mm) 1270
Product Details
  • Frame & Glazing Bars: Black RAL 9005
  • Levelling plinth including Floor Tiles: Modulyss Grind 130
  • Left Wall: Fabric Band 1 Inner & Outer
  • Right Wall: Fabric Band 1 Inner & Outer
  • Glass Door: 8mm toughened
  • Glass Panels Front: 6mm toughened
  • Glass Panels Rear: 6mm toughened
  • Work Table: Black Fenix with Ply Edge
  • Shelving: Illuminated Shelf Over Desk
  • Coat Hooks: Dot Metal – Black – 3.9cm & 2.7cm
  • Pod Environment Lighting: 2x Ultra low glare lighting units with wireless switch
  • Laptop Arm: Flow Ollin
  • Power: OE Ply Unit – 2x Power inc. twin USB Charge (A&C)
  • Ceiling Tiles: Acoustic Upholstered in Camira Nexus Chalk
  • Airflow Unit: Included
  • Overall pod height including airflow unit: 2325mm from finished floor level

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