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High Tables

High Tables

High Tables

You can use High Tables or Bar Height Tables for fast meetings, team brainstorming, or coffee breaks and lunch. They come in different designs, sizes, and finishes, and offer various work features, making them a flexible option for offices. In an office or meeting room, use a tall table and chairs. This will allow people to sit or stand while socialising and brainstorming.

These office high tables are ideal for a wide range of areas; not only do they provide breakfast bar tables for the workplace cafe or break out area, but they also work well in the open plan areas. Outside the confines of conference rooms and other traditional workspaces, people are finding that they are more creative, collaborative and engaged. But that’s only natural - after all, things are more manageable when we’re at ease.

This way of thinking has given rise to the use of the high table and stool configurations in the office. Adding these collaborative islands in the office promotes different ways of working and gives employees a chance to relax or recharge. These flexible areas with movable furniture help workers make the most of their breaks from their desks.

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  1. Agent High Table
    The Agent High Table offers various bar height table lengths and finishes to provide the ideal solution.
  2. Fold Bar Height Table
    Fold Bar Height Table offers a customisable range of high table suitable for various work spaces.
  3. Centro Rustic High Table
    Centro Rustic poseur height table is great for breakout areas and collaborative office environments.
  4. Cubb High Table
    Cubb High Table is a collaborative team table available in various sizes and finishes.
  5. Hench High Table
    Hench High Table is a robust industrial wood café height collaborative table solution.
  6. Hub High Table
    Hub High Table and Poseur table for a flexible social and informal meeting space.
  7. se:Lab High Desk
    se:lab High Desk is a mobile high table solution for spontaneous meetings or collaboration.
  8. Timber High Table
    The Timber High Table is a collaboration table for the open office.
  9. Clara High Table
    The Clara High Table is a elegant collaborative and breakout solution for the office
  10. Chemistry AV Media Table
    The Chemistry AV media high table with ShowMe cables allow groups to share and control the TV.
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