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Campers and Dens

Campers and Dens

Campers & Dens Office Pods

The Orangebox Campers&Dens is not just a meeting pod system; it's a step-change for the modern workplace that provides flexible built environment architecture.

Its architecture extends beyond just pods, from fully enclosed to semi-enclosed and fully open, capturing the various layers of privacy. Orangebox Campers and dens Pods offer unique, demountable workplace space solutions that can be moved, re-positioned or re-used to suit changing needs such as a hybrid office.

Campers and Dens Pods is the updated answer to the question Why Build Walls? The system delivers layers of privacy through the use of office pods, cabins and awnings; with flexibility and choice through its wide range of configurations.

Invite Workers Back with Campers and Dens

After a year of working from home, businesses will want to encourage their workforce back into the office when it is safe. Let's look at how they can achieve this.

Enter Campers and Dens, an architectural system that introduces the great outdoors' intuition into the workplace.

The idea started with one of those cool old VW Campervan pictures. You know, the one you wish you had so that you can jump in and go on a road trip with and park off anywhere with the bare essentials of a bed, cooker and basin.

Now that you know, I will get back to how you can transform your workplace and get your staff back into the office. This Campervan with awning picture then inspired the Designer Mark Partridge to develop the Campers and Dens architecture to introduce the beloved campground's built-in, unspoken protocols into the workplace.

Through the use of Campers&Dens, companies can mimic a campsite in their open-plan office. The system helps reinvent the workplace through unfixed built-environment architecture. The architecture then extends beyond fully-enclosed pods to semi-open, and fully-open, creating various activity-based workspaces.

Campers and Dens Range Include

  • Enclosed Campers Pods
  • Cabins
  • Awnings
  • Kinks

Campers&Dens Five Layers of Privacy


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