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Penelope Work Booth

Penelope Acoustic Workbooth


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The Penelope Work Booth is an enclosed personal workstation pod for uninterrupted work, calls, and Zoom conference calls. With its small footprint of W1200 x D1000mm the unit offers a compact alternative workspace for office workers looking for an escape from ambient noise.

  • Power and Data can be specified to help charge mobile devices
  • Hinged 10mm thick toughened glass door that easy to clean
  • Lined with acoustic foam to help reduce ambient noise
  • PIR motion sensor activates LED lighting as standard
  • The ventilation system can be added as an optional extra
  • Castors can be added to the booth
  • Made to order
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Penelope Work Booth

Transform your office space with the Penelope Work Booth—a personal oasis for focused work and uninterrupted conference calls. This enclosed single-user desk pod is designed to cater to your unique needs and features an integrated desktop and a cosy upholstered seat. At Furnify, we believe in giving your employees the freedom to choose their workspace, and the Penelope Work Booth does just that.

You can tailor the Penelope acoustic booth to suit your preferences with its customizable options. Specify a single-glazed front or opt for glazing on both sides. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of two-tone upholstery, adding a touch of personal style to your office environment.

Designed for the modern hybrid workplace, the Penelope Work Booth offers more than just a private workspace. It's equipped with ceiling lighting and ventilation systems activated by a convenient motion sensor upon entry. Say goodbye to dead phone batteries with the integrated power module that provides easy access to charging for all your mobile devices.

Stay connected and productive with power and data options for your phones and laptops, ensuring seamless communication and workflow. Cleaning is a breeze with the toughened 10mm thick hinged door, and the booth's acoustic lining keeps ambient noise at bay, promoting a peaceful and focused environment.

The Penelope Work Booth goes beyond functionality—it offers a comfortable and enclosed workspace that's perfect for concentrated tasks. Need some extra illumination? The PIR motion sensor activates the LED lighting, illuminating your work area with the flick of a switch. You can choose between cool and warm white lighting to create the ideal ambience.

Enhance your booth with optional features such as a ventilation system for added comfort and castors for easy mobility. At Furnify, we provide free delivery and installation, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Experience the difference of a made-to-order Penelope Phone Booth—customizable to meet your exact specifications. Give your employees the freedom to work their way, all while enjoying the benefits of a defined personal space.


  • Integrated Power and Data options to charge phones and laptops
  • Toughened glass 10mm thick hinged door that's easy to clean
  • Acoustically lined with acoustic materials helps keep out ambient noise
  • Integrated tabletop in MDF finish as standard
  • Comfortable enclosed workspace - ideal for focussed work
  • Fitted with PIR motion sensor which activates LED lighting
  • LED downlights can be switched from cool to warm white
  • The ventilation system can be added as an optional extra
  • Castors can be added to make the booth movable
  • Free Delivery and Installation
  • Made to order - customisable

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2200
Width (mm) 1200
Depth (mm) 1000
Product Details
Interior Fully upholstered interior. Choose from a wide range of contract fabrics
Exterior Fully upholstered exterior. Choose from a wide range of contract fabrics
Air Circulation Integrated ventilation activated by motion sensor on entry.
Sensor Passive infrared sensor
Floor Carpeted floor
Door Hinged glass door with latch handle.
Fabric Panels Three sided upholstered panels.
Lighting LED Lighting activated by motion sensor on entry.
Integrated Power Various power module options to choose from.
Tabletop MFC worktop to support the user when working.

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