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Privacy Lounge Chairs

Privacy Lounge Chairs

Privacy Lounge Chairs

While open offices are great for encouraging collaboration, they don't always offer the kind of privacy one needs to escape the noise and get some work done. By introducing privacy lounge chairs, they help provide comfortable escapes of solitude. The high back lounge chairs create a semi-private cocoon to sink away while being protected from any visual distractions with acoustic benefits. These resimercial private office chairs with their winged backs or wraparound sides shield the user from ambient noise and block distractions. Designed to address the needs of the modern worker, they provide a comfortable work chair with enhanced features like an integrated writing tablet, a built-in power source and swivel base to turn away from visual distractions.

These contract lounge seating solutions can be used throughout, from receptions to breakout areas and in the open office. Dotted around the open-plan office, they can be used solo or face-to-face for small groups.

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  1. Muse Lounge Chair
    Muse Chair is an acoustic privacy booth for relaxation and to focus on that report.
  2. Dixi High Back Chair
    Dixi High Back Chair offers a wraparound winged back seating solution for office privacy.
  3. Se:Works Focus Lounge Chair
    Se:works Focus Lounge Chair offers a comfortable retreat for concentrated work.
  4. Capsule Work Chair
    The Capsule Work Chair is an acoustic seating solution for privacy and relaxation.
  5. Mote Work Armchair
    Mote Privacy Work Chair is an alternative workplace with acoustic surround, work surface and power.
  6. Betty Modular
    Betty Modular is a versatile soft furniture collection aimed at creating personal workspace configurations.
  7. Mote Canopy Single Seat
    Mote Canopy Single-seat privacy chair with high back surround for seclusion from the open office.
  8. A11 Privacy Chair
    A11 Privacy Chair is the first of its kind with an acoustic sliding panel for privacy.
  9. Tryst Canopy Privacy Chair
    Tryst Canopy Privacy Chair with high back surround and over-head canopy.
  10. Brix 61 Solo Work Booth
    Brix 61 Solo Work Booth is a privacy work chair ideal for a quiet retreat away from the main work area.
  11. ScreenD Work Pod
    ScreenD Work Pod is a single user privacy chair for focused touchdown working.
  12. S 5000 Privacy Seating
    S 5000 Privacy Seating is a design classic featuring a bent tubular steel base.
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