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Task Chairs

Task Chairs

Task Chairs

Our Task Chairs are perfect for both home and workplace settings. When in search of an office seating solution, consider the comfort of your desk chair. The right chair should provide the user with a good range of ergonomic adjustment features to help ensure a comfortable seating experience. When deciding on desk chairs for the workplace or the home office setting, it's essential to be able to adjust the chair for your height to obtain the correct working posture.

Give your body the support it deserves. By choosing a good quality computer chair with built-in lumbar support, reclining tilt mechanism and locking, you won't regret your choice. The furnify range of ergonomic designs helps maintain the correct working posture and keep your back healthy while you focus on those crucial tasks. Our office chairs feature way more than just a swivelling, reclining and height-adjustable computer chair. Some include inflatable lumbar support, multi-functional armrests and a sliding seat, all of which allow you to adjust the computer chair to your own body.

All our operator chairs offer a range of quality contract fabrics in a variety of colours, so you can be assured you'll find one that matches your workplace setting either at home or at work.

Office Chairs: work comfortably at work or home

If you're an office worker still working from the office or now working from home, then a comfortable and robust office chair is a must. A comfy desk chair should be a prerequisite if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or studying. Besides adults, school-age children and university students also need a good ergonomic office chair. Sitting with the correct posture helps maintain a healthy back and spine. Having an adjustable office chair ensures you sit at the right height in proportion to your office desk or computer table - having the right chair will make all the difference.

Superb Seating Comfort: A wide selection of comfy desk chairs

We at furnify we offer a wide range of task chairs, developed by world-renown designers in collaboration with furniture manufacturers. We offer seat design designs 


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