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Office Phone Booths

Office Phone Booths

Acoustic Office Phone Booths for Offices

Ditch the distractions. Spark collaboration. Dive into focused work. Our office phone booths are your all-access pass to a quieter, more productive you.

Office Phone Booths are a versatile office solution that offers conversational speech privacy. They are essential in modern workplaces and are a private, soundproof environment for classified calls. They can also reduce noise distractions for colleagues in the office by containing telephone conversations.

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  1. Hush Phone Booth
    Create quiet retreats for phone calls with Hush Phone Booths. Superb phone booths for the open plan office.
  2. Penelope Phone Booth
    Penelope Phone Booth is an acoustic privacy booth for taking personal phone calls in the office.
  3. Framery One Phone Booth
    The Framery One Booth keeps your staff connected to the outside world
  4. Framery O Phone Booth
    The Framery O Phone Booth is a compact soundproofed booth for quick calls and head down work
  5. Framery Contact Pod
    The Framery Contact Pod is for the meetings that matter most. The next generation of office pods.
  6. Framery One Premium
    The Framery One Premium is the most advanced soundproof office pod on the market.
  7. Framery One Compact Pod Framery One Compact Pod
    Framery One Compact Pod
    The NEW Framery One Compact Pod, all with enhanced technology for the office of tomorrow
  8. HideAway Phone Booth
    The HideAway Phone Booth is a next-generation office phone booth for the new Hybrid Office
  9. Milli Phone Booth
    Milli Phone Booth and Work Pods available from stock with a lead time of 1 to 10 days for quick delivery.
  10. Kolo Solo Phone Booth Kolo Solo Office Phone Booths
    Kolo Solo Phone Booths
    Kolo Solo Phone Booth is a single user acoustic cabin for an escape from ambient noise in the workplace.
  11. se:cube Phone Booths
    The se:cube pods are free space acoustic phone, work and meeting pod solutions.
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Optimize Your Workspace with Office Phone Booths

Discover Essential Phone Booths for Offices that Provide Workplace Privacy

In today's bustling workplaces, Office Phone Booths are a must-have. Designed to offer the seclusion of traditional public phone boxes, these pods provide a private space for phone or video calls, ensuring conversations remain confidential and free from office distractions. Perfect for open-plan offices, Phone Booths for offices effectively combat noise and prevent disruptions, allowing for a more focused and productive environment.

Enhance Office Functionality with Compact and Convenient Design

Office Phone Booths are strategically designed for convenience. Their compact size means they can be placed anywhere in the workplace without the need for major furniture rearrangements or compromising desk space. This ensures that employees can make or receive calls within a short walk of their workstations, maintaining workflow and efficiency.


Create Quiet Zones Without Compromising Space

Traditional 'silent' zones often require employees to move far from their desks, sometimes outside the office premises, to find the desired level of privacy. Office Phone Booths eliminate this inconvenience by providing robust acoustics where needed. These booths ensure complete call privacy without disturbing others, creating a quieter and more productive office environment.


Feature-rich for Comfort and Productivity

Our Office Phone Booths have various amenities designed to enhance comfort and productivity. Inside, you'll find tables for note-taking or laptop use, power outlets to charge your devices, and, in some models, seating for added comfort during calls. These features offer a convenient and comfortable workspace, revolutionizing your office environment.


Upgrade Your Office with Office Phone Booths Today

Elevate your office environment with Office Phone Booths, the perfect solution for creating private, quiet spaces in any workplace. Visit Furnify to explore our range of Office Phone Booths and discover how they can transform your workspace into a haven of productivity and privacy.


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