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Lounge Pods

Lounge Pods

Lounge Pods

A Lounge Pod is a small, enclosed seating area for relaxation or casual meetings. These acoustic pods are ideal for office environments, airports, universities, or public spaces where people want a semi-private area to sit, work, or converse.

Lounge pods vary in design and features but typically have integrated soft seating with amenities like built-in power outlets, USB charging ports, and sometimes even integrated technology for presentations or entertainment. They provide a cosy and secluded space within a larger area for individuals or small groups to unwind or collaborate.

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  1. Hush Lounge Pod
    Hush Lounge Pod is an acoustically insulated meeting pod for up to four people.
  2. Lohko Lounge Pod
    Lohko Lounge Pod adds a biophilic design element into the workspace with it spruce veneer finish.
  3. Cubiq Lounge Pod
    The Cubiq Lounge Pod provides a high quality acoustic meeting a work pod for open offices
  4. Bob Meet Sofa Den & Pod
    Bob Meet Sofa Den and Bob Meeting Pod offer different levels of open or semi-enclosed meetings olutions.
  5. Mews Office Pods
    Mews Office Pods and habitats create highly functional and flexible spaces.
  6. Framery Q Office Pod
    The Framery Q Office Pod is a four-person office meeting pod providing a soundproofed space
  7. Framery Q Flip n' Fold Meeting Pod
    Framery Q Flip n' Fold Meeting Pod is a wheelchair accessible soundproofed pod
  8. Framery 2Q Meeting Pod
    The Framery 2Q Meeting Pod is the leading soundproofed meeting space for 4 to 6 people
  9. Think Tank Office Pod
    Think Tank Office Pods are fully customisable to create additonal rooms in the office.
  10. HushFree.M Office Pod HushFree.M Office Pod
    HushFree.M Office Pod
    The HushFree.M Office Pod is a four-person enclosed acoustic meeting space.
  11. Busypod Large 4
    The Busypod Large 4 is a comfortable four-person pod and highly customisable
  12. Qyos 400 Office Pod
    Qyos 400 Office Pod is a great acoustic booth for 4 people to meet in private
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