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Office Lockers

Office Lockers

Office Lockers

With changes taking place in the modern office, office storage has changed along with it. Workers now untethered from their desk can choose where to work. This nomadic way of working means they are not storing what they used to store - which was paper-based files. There is a noticeable shift from the centralised filing units to personal effects storage. They are moving from high-density storage to office lockers.

From being in the back of the house, Lockers are now in the hub of the workplace. They are just as important as any other office furniture archetype, playing their part in talent attraction, office lockers need to be appealing, function smoothly and support the demands of modern workers.

At furnify, we offer a full range of secure office locker options, from standard-sized units, and large modular configurations made to fit a specific space. These are all customizable and highly adaptable to your particular requirements.

Available in a vast range of finishes from MFC to painted steel storage and various low and high-tech locking options, they are highly suited to both traditional and agile working styles.

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  1. BuzziBox Travel
    BuzziBox Travel personal office storage case in felt offers a lightweight and environmentally friendly solution.
  2. Forte Lockers
    Forte Locker series offers modular, customizable and highly adaptable personal storage.
  3. Echo Lockers
    Echo Lockers are metal office storage units with hinged doors offering secure personal storage with charging facilities.
  4. Addit Bento® ergonomic toolbox 900
    Addit Bento® ergonomic toolbox 900 is an on the move personal storage unit and laptop stand.
  5. My-Personal Office Lockers
    My-Personal Lockers offer you unique personal office storage units designed by you to fit within your space.
  6. Play Personal Lockers
    Play Personal Lockers offer secure storage while supporting ad-hoc and collaborative working.
  7. My-Choice Lockers
    My-Choice Lockers offer a wide range of modules with different compartment sizes to mix and match.
  8. Personal Storage Hot Desking Work Bag
    Work from anywhere with the Hot Desking Personal Storage Bag
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