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Hush Twin Work Pods


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Hush Twin Work Pod offers two conjoined workstation pods with a footprint slightly bigger than the Hush Phone Booth but smaller than the Hush Work Pod; both 'halves' provide the essential amount of space to work comfortably. Read below for more details.

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Hush Twin Work Pods

The Hush Twin Work Pod is two conjoined workstation pods offering an enclosed acoustic and personal workspace for undisturbed work. Both units feature integrated soft seating in a well lit and ventilated private space. The Hush Twin is larger than the Hush Phone Booth but smaller than the single Hush Work Pod. Both 'halves' provide the necessary amount of space to work comfortably.

Acoustically lined, padded and fully upholstered ensures both work pods offer a sound managed space to retreat to for undisturbed work. If you have staff who complain about a noisy office, then the Hush Twin work pod is a noisy office solution.

Step inside and set the scene

Each cabin works independently - on entry, the lighting switches on and the ventilation activates to start cooling the pods interior for the ideal working environment. If it's too bright or too cold, a handy adjustment dial for each gives the user the freedom to dim the lights or turn down the ventilation.

The Hush Twin Work Pod structure uses a loop metal frame with 3-layers of honeycomb board 38mm thick, then sandwiched between a white or anthracite melamine and neatly finished with laser edging detail. The pod carcass supports a clear glass panel on the opposite side of the glass door, allowing a continues flow of light through the Hush Twin Work pod. This design feature also helps with occupancy, allowing workers to see when the cabin is in use. The interior of the office work pod features padded and upholstered wall panels for comfort and acoustics, delivering the ideal enclosed space, with a high degree of sound management and speech privacy for the user. 

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2300
Width (mm) 2150
Depth (mm) 900
Product Details
Air Circulation Ventilation system activated by a presence sensor.
Door Tempered, laminated acoustic glass door with high quality handle. Anti-collision door marking
Fabric Panels The Interior features acoustic lined fabric panels.
Glass Panels Laminated acoustic glass rear wall.
Lighting Led ceiling light with dimmer.
Integrated Power Power module (Power+USB+RJ45)
Levelling Feet Adjustable feet for uneven floors.
Relocatable Removable front panel for pallet truck/jack to move the pod when required.
Weight un-packed 580 kg/1279 lbs

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