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Wall Storage

Office Wall Storage

We at furnify offer a range of office wall storage, freestanding modular storage wall and other more personal storage products for the workplace. All made-to-measure, our bespoke storage cupboards are adaptable, modular and can be easily made to fit the confines of any space.

Our office wall storage products include ranges made to move and change with your business. Relocatable, interchangeable cupboard storage modules can adapt to the functionality of any space. For example, a standard wall storage cupboard module with shelves can easily be refitted in time with a personal locker module.

A full height wall storage unit is a highly functional system which can dramatically increase storage capacity to floor space ratio by up to as much as 50% over conventional freestanding storage cabinets. By utilising the whole floor to ceiling space, made-to-measure wall storage can maximise bulk storage capacity. A typical 2500mm high storagewall can offer as much as 6.75 linear metres of lever arch filing per 0.5 square metre of floor space!

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  1. Sorted Office Wall Storage
    Get Sorted Office Wall Storage and maximise on space with high density storage.
  2. Framed Modular Storage
    The Framed Modular Shelving System allows you to stylishly divide an open-plan area or create a high-density office storage solution
  3. Crate Divide
    Crate Divide system provides a versatile and stylish solution to divide sapce and while adding function
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