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Sit-Stand Bench Desks

Sit-Stand Bench Desks

Sit-Stand Bench Desks

Introducing sit-stand bench desks into the modern workplace is not only trendy and helps cut the amount of sitting time, but it also improves job performance. Empower your staff and give them the option of adjustable standing desks to vary their working posture throughout the day. If you are looking into standing desk solutions for your office, then furnify can help.

We are unbiased in our consultation helping you find the right stand up desk solution for your office. We know procuring adjustable standing desks can be a significant expense, but not everyone needs to be allocated a standing desk as a permanent workstation. By understanding how you work and with the correct planning the right sit-stand bench desk solution can be implemented.

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  1. Chemistry Height Adjustable Bench Desk
    Create a modern office with the Chemistry Height Adjustable Bench Desk system from furnify.
  2. SetMe Bench Desks
    SetMe Bench Desk is a workplace of the future desk system with height settable and standing desks.
  3. Extendable Duo Sit-Stand Bench Desk
    Extendable Duo Sit-Stand Bench Desk for the demanding workspace of the future - scalable desking.
  4. se:lab Twin Bench Desk
    The se:lab Twin Sit Stand Bench Desk offers double the workplace for a regular change in posture
  5. Ypsilon Duo Sit-Stand Bench Desk
    The Ypsilon Sit-Stand Bench Desk come as a duo two-person and four-person height-adjustable config.
  6. Freeway Height Adjustable Bench Desk
    The Freeway Height Adjustable Bench Desk is a cost-effective and practical sit-stand desking system
  7. Quaranta5 Height Adjustable Bench Desk
    The Quaranta5 Height-Adjustable Bench Desk is an electric sit-stand panel end bench desking range
  8. Motion Height Adjustable Bench Desk
    Motion Height Adjustable Bench Desk is a sit-stand which allows the user to vary their posture and stand whilst working.
  9. Canvaro Sit Stand Bench Desk
    Canvaro Sit-Stand Bench Desk is a motorised standing desk solution for the modern workplace.
  10. Skala Height Adjustable Desks
    Skala Height Adjustable Desks were developed after a study of people, their wellbeing at work and the demand to stand.
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What is sit-Stand Bench Desk

A Sit-Stand Bench Desk is an adjustable-height desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing while you work. These desks offer various-sized desktops supported by two or more legs, and the desk's height can be adjusted using a motorized or manual mechanism.
The desktop can be adjusted to a height suitable for either sitting or standing, and the user can easily switch between the two positions as needed. The benefits of using a Sit-Stand Bench Desk include improved posture, increased productivity, and reduced health risks associated with prolonged sitting.
Sit-Stand Bench Desks are becoming increasingly popular in modern workplaces as they provide a healthier, more comfortable way to work for extended periods. They are also ideal for individuals who suffer from back pain, as they allow for greater flexibility in posture and movement while working.

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