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HideAway Hybrid Pod

Office Work Pod


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The HideAway Work Pod is a single user focus work pod for offices developed specifically for conference calls. The spacious work pod with TV/AV capabilities allow users to sit back comfortably during online Teams and Skype calls. The spacious legroom provides space for a laptop table so the user can have the laptop close to hand.

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HideAway Hybrid Pod

We all have those moments when we need to buckle down and concentrate, whether it's crunching numbers for a report, diving deep into a document, or engaging in a lengthy video call with data to share. That's where the HideAway Hybrid Pod comes to the rescue, offering an ideal solution for your focused work needs.

Designed with versatility, the HideAway Hybrid Pod can be tailored to your preferences. You can choose an integral bench seat for a seamless and compact setup, or you can opt for a standalone chair to create your personalized work environment. The choice is yours.

Equipped with a spacious work surface, the HideAway Hybrid Pod provides ample room to accommodate your laptop, papers, and any other essentials you may need to stay productive. Need to connect to a larger display or utilize a camera for a video call? No problem. Our pod is designed to support such connections, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your monitor and camera if you have them installed. This means you can fully immerse yourself in the conversation and share your screen effortlessly.

The HideAway Hybrid Pod is the perfect sanctuary for those moments requiring utmost focus and privacy. Step inside shut out distractions, and create an environment tailored to your work style. Whether collaborating with colleagues or tackling tasks independently, this pod ensures you have the ideal space to participate in productive video calls and achieve optimal workflow.

Experience the HideAway Hybrid Pod and discover a new level of concentration and efficiency in your work routine. It's time to elevate your productivity and create a space that empowers you to accomplish your best work.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2215
Width (mm) 1588
Depth (mm) 960
Product Details
Guarantee 5 Year warranty
Interior Interior lined with acoustic upholstered panels.
Air Circulation Integrated air circulation activated by motion sensor.
Sensor Integrate PIR motion sensor which activates the lighting and ventilation on entry to the pod.
Floor Integrated carpeted floor. Choose between two carpet options.
Door Fitted with a hinged 10.8 mm thick laminated glass door.
Fabric Panels Interior fabric clad acoustic tiles in Camira Blazer. Choose from a wide range of fabric colours - Camira Blazer.
Glass Panels Acoustic laminated glass 10.8mm thick.
Lighting Integrated lighting activated by motion sensor.
Integrated Power Twin power and Twin USB A and C 30A
Shelf Integrated support shelf for laptop.
Levelling Feet Fitted with adjustable feet.
Relocatable Removable plinth for re-positioning with pump truck.
Optional Occupancy light and adjustable mood ligthing.

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