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Two Person Meeting Pods

Two Person Meeting Pods

Two Person Meeting Pods

Two Person Meeting Pods offer compact and private small room-in-room solutions for the open-plan office, providing acoustic private spaces for one-to-one conversations, collaborative working and meetings. Get a two-person office pod furnished with integrated seating and table or unfurnished to use your own furniture. The choice is yours.


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  1. BuzziNest Meeting Pod
    BuzziNest Metting Pod is a compact four-person soundproofed meeting solution that also movable.
  2. Lohko Box 2 Meeting Pod
    Lohko Box 2 Meeting Pod is a glass and wood one to two-person meeting pod.
  3. Connect Duo Meeting Pod
    Connect Duo Meeting Pod is a two person office pod for private conversations.
  4. Just4You Booth
    Just4You Booth is an affordable two-person meeting pod for the noisy office.
  5. HushMeet Small Meeting Pod
    HushMeet Small Meeting Pod is a two-person office pod for one-to-one meetings.
  6. Kolo Duo Meeting Booth
    Kolo Duo Meeting Booth is an unfixed two to four-person meeting space available from stock.
  7. Microoffice Qubiq Work Pod
    The Microoffice Qubiq Work Pod is a spacious focus work or meeting pod for two people
  8. HideAway Two-Person Pod
    Hideaway Meeting Pods provide an ideal space for small teams to gather privately
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Two-Person Office Pods: Enhance Productivity and Comfort

Upgrade your workspace with our Two-Person Office Pods, designed for comfort, productivity, and privacy. These pods have essential amenities, including plug points, lighting, and ventilation, ensuring a seamless work experience. Two-person pod pods provide a neat, enclosed, compact office pod that elevates your work environment.


Key Features:

Compact Yet Spacious: 3 square meters but roomy enough for two people.
Power and Connectivity: Equipped with power sockets and USB charging points to keep you connected.
Optimal Ventilation and Lighting: Motion sensor-activated for convenience and comfort.
Mobility Options: Levelling feet and castors are available for easy mobility.
Versatile Furniture Configurations: Choose your pod furniture, which integrated seating and table or add a desk.
Customizable Finishes: Exterior material and interior fabric options to match your brand and decor.
Enhanced Privacy: Superior acoustics for private, focused tasks.

Why Choose Our Two-Person Office Pods?

Our two-person pods are a perfect addition to any open-plan office, providing much-needed private spaces for confidential conversations and focused work. Ideal for small meetings, personal calls, or collaborative tasks, these pods offer a versatile solution that complements traditional office desking and enhances the modern workplace.


Companies can now offer dedicated office meeting spaces, ensuring employees have private areas for important discussions. These compact two-person pods address the common issue of limited privacy in open-plan offices, providing a productive and comfortable environment for up to two people.


Transform your workspace with our Two-Person Office Pods and experience the benefits of enhanced privacy, comfort, and productivity. Contact us today to learn more and customize your pod to fit your needs!


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