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Work Pods

Work Pods

Indoor Privacy Work Pods for Office

Office Desk Pods for Focused Work


Acoustic work pods are small, private workspaces in open offices for focused work. They provide privacy and reduce noise for better focus and concentration.
Work pods are small, private spaces made of soundproof materials. They have a desk, chair, lighting, and ventilation. Some may also have power outlets, USB ports, and a door that opens and closes.
We design work pods for individuals who need a peaceful environment to work or conduct phone conversations. These pods are particularly useful for organizations who lack a personal, private space for their staff.
Open-plan offices are becoming more popular among companies. However, they can be distracting and make it difficult for employees to concentrate. Work pods solve this problem by providing a private, comfortable space where employees can work without interruption or distraction.
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  1. Space M Work Pod
    Space M Work Pod the perfect enclosed focus room to work or meet either sitting or standing.
  2. Hallo Work Pod
    Create free space alternative workspaces with the Hallo Work Pod. Integrated desk and seat.
  3. StudioBricks Focus Booth
    Create an unfixed room focus space for your staff with the StudioBricks Focus Booths.
  4. Aspect 1 Work Pods
    The Aspect Work Pod is a freestanding alternative work hub for undisturbed work.
  5. Air3 Work Pod
    Air3 Work Pod offers a freestanding privacy room-in-room solutions for speech privacy.
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Dedicated Work Pods: Boost Your Productivity in a Quiet Oasis


As businesses use video conferencing software more, the need for enclosed pods like Office Work Pods or acoustic offices is increasing. These enlosed work pods provide the perfect environment for uninterrupted virtual meetings, ensuring clear audio and enhanced visual focus. Say goodbye to distracting background noise and hello to a professional and productive video conferencing experience.


These work pods have enclosed cabins and feature soundproof structures to effectively control noise levels. The wall panels feature integrated power sockets, USB charging ports, and data ports.

These features allow you to stay connected to the outside world. You can enjoy this connectivity in a peaceful setting. Some pods have extras like a monitor arm on the wall or desk, so you can customize your own private workspace.



Creating a Private Sanctuary for Focused Work


Office Work Pods redefine the concept of a private workspace by offering generous and quiet areas exclusively for focused work. Each pod features a spacious compact desktop, providing ample room to support your laptop and essential work materials.


These focus pods are designed as enclosed cabins and boast soundproof structures to control noise levels effectively. Power sockets, USB charging ports, and data ports are seamlessly integrated into the wall panels, enabling you to stay connected to the outside world while enjoying a serene environment. Additionally, some pods offer accessories like a monitor arm on the facing wall panel or desktop, allowing you to personalize your ideal private workspace.


Boost your productivity, reclaim your focus, and embrace the tranquillity of Office Work Pods. Step into your private oasis of productivity and experience the difference today. 


Contact us at furnify today to discover how these innovative workspaces can transform your office environment.


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