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Qyos 150 Work Pod

Qyos 150 Focus Work Booth


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The Qyos 150 Work Pod are for the focus moments, to escape the rest of the office - a refuge of silence. With Qyos 150, you provide your staff with fully enclosed spaces with acoustic insulation that offers comfort and privacy for making calls, concentrating, and focused work.

The Qyos 150 Work Pod provides speech privacy, ergonomics and comfort: glazed walls, ventilation, connectivity and LED lighting, which contribute to optimal working comfort inside the booth.

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Qyos 150 Work Pod

Unleash peak productivity with the Qyos 150 Work Pod, designed to combat distractions and empower focused work. This premium pod provides your employees with a refuge of silence and enhanced privacy for:

  • Taking important calls
  • Concentrating on demanding tasks
  • Delivering focused presentations (video conferencing compatible)

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Superior acoustic insulation: Blocks out noise distractions, ensuring speech privacy and optimal work comfort.
  • Ergonomic design: Promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue with an adjustable table and comfortable seating.
  • Modern aesthetics: Sleek glazed walls and high-quality finishes create a stylish and inviting workspace.
  • Advanced features: Ventilation, connectivity for devices, and LED lighting ensure a productive and comfortable environment.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2214
Width (mm) 1550
Depth (mm) 1050
Product Details
Model Features

External dimensions : 155 x 105 x 221.4 cm
Inner dimensions: 142,2 x 92,2 x 205 cm
Floor area: 1,63 m2
Table dimensions: 71,6 x 40 cm
Table height: 74 cm / 106,5 cm
Door dimensions: 88.2 x 221.4 cm - Reversible
Door free passage area: 86 cm
Fixed and mobile base: Integrated adjustment levellers for easy interior interior access


Structure: Extruded aluminium profiles with Zinc alloy injection moulded parts. Epoxy-polyester electrostatic paint.
Interior structural frames of the panels made of 40x20x1.5mm and 40x30x1.5mm steel tube, with 40mm PET thick and a density of 2200 gr/m2.

External cladding: 2 options:
 - Upholstered panel on e=10mm melamine chipboard with 2mm foam.
 - Panel of melamine chipboard e=10mm

Door and enclosure in 4+4mm non-perforated acoustic glass. Door with aluminium handle, keyless and opening outwards. Magnetic lock

Interior cladding: 2 options:
 - PET ECO panel.
 - Melamine chipboard panel e=10mm with PET ECO 9mm panel y upholstered.
Bottom panels with ventilation grille of sheet steel e=1.5mm

Roof coating: Outer panel of melamine chipboard e=16 mm.
Inner panel of melamine chipboard e=16 mm.
Upholstered interior upholstery with beige FA
upholstery with acoustic foam in PUR e=2 mm.

Floor covering: Melamine MDF base of e=30 mm and PA carpet of e=5mm with short pile, antistatic and stain

Tabletop: Melamine chipboard table top e=19mm Semi-hidden lower support brackets

Assembly Required Yes

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