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Meeting Pods

Meeting Pods

Meeting Pods

Explore innovative Meeting Pods for modern workspaces at furnify. Our premium pod solutions offer privacy, comfort, and cutting-edge design, enhancing collaboration and productivity. Find the perfect Meeting Pod for your office today.

Looking for the ideal solution for creating private meeting space? Look no further than our range of meeting pods for offices. At furnify, we are proud to offer a wide range of meeting pods online. Our freestanding acoustic pod solutions provide quiet spaces for the open plan offices.

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  1. HushFREE.L Office Pod
    HushFREE.L Office Pod is an acoustic nooth - office pod for 4-6 People
  2. Framery Six Office Pod Framery Six Meeting Pod
    Framery Six Office Pod
    The Framery Six Office Pod redefines small space meeting areas in the open office
  3. se:cube Max Office Pod
    se:cube MAX Office Pod is a free-standing wheel chair accessable solution for meetings and collaboration
  4. Bob Room Office Pod
    Bob Room is a modular room-in-room that provides a comfortable meeting or collaboration space
  5. Bob Meeting Pod
    The Bob Meeting Pod is a versatile solution that provides semi-enclosed and private pods
  6. Hush Lounge Pod
    Hush Lounge Pod is an acoustically insulated meeting pod for up to four people.
  7. Framery Four Office Pod Framery Four Office Pod
    Framery Four Office Pod
    Framery Four Office Pod for 4 people offers superior soundproofing, automatic climate control, and a customizable design.
  8. Connect Duo Meeting Pod
    Connect Duo Meeting Pod is a two person office pod for private conversations.
  9. CellPOD
    The CellPOD system provides custom made to measure room-in-room for meeting, colloboration, focused work and conference calls.
  10. Cell Pod Meeting Pods
    CellPod Meeting Pods offer a range of bespoke acoustic pods for private meetings with special width and height dimensions.
  11. Cell Pod V2 Meeting Pods
    Cell Pod V2 Meeting Pod is an architectural room-in-room system for creating unfixed private spaces
  12. Kolo Duo Meeting Booth
    Kolo Duo Meeting Booth is an unfixed two to four-person meeting space available from stock.
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Office Meeting Pod Solutions

Step into the future of workplace design with Meeting Pods — a category of office pods designed to transform the way you collaborate and conduct meetings. Imagine a private enclave within your workspace—a fully enclosed meeting room with four walls, a door, a roof, and a carpeted floor. These pods range in size from intimate two-person settings to expansive spaces like CellPod, accommodating over ten individuals and catering to everything from team meetings to large board sessions and staff training days.

Embracing an open-office layout fosters teamwork, but the need for privacy arises when it comes to meetings. Meeting Pods seamlessly integrate into your office environment, creating dynamic spaces without sacrificing the openness of your floor plan.

Key Advantages:

Meeting Pods for Privacy: 

Meeting Pods utilise sound-absorbing materials, such as fully upholstered walls, ceilings, carpeted floors, and doors with drop seals or seals. Not only do they offer privacy for confidential conversations, but they also enhance acoustic properties, ensuring that discussions remain contained within the pod.


Effective Collaboration: 

Meeting Pods are distraction-free environments, leading to improved concentration and enhanced productivity. Team members can focus, share ideas, and develop practical solutions without interruptions from office noise.


Modular Meeting Pod: 

Meeting pods come in various sizes, shapes, colours, and finishes and are highly adaptable to diverse needs and spaces. There's no need to reconfigure your office space; the pods seamlessly integrate into your existing layout.


Convenient to Move and Reconfigure: 

Meeting Pods come delivered flat-packed and can be easily dismantled, moved, and reassembled as needed. They have essential features, including lighting, ventilation systems, power and data connections, and integrated furniture such as tables and soft-seating.


Explore the Collection:

HushFree.M Office Pod: Acoustically rated A. Its a meeting pod for four people, but also suitable for two or one. The pod has an integrated table, soft seating, power and data. The lighting and ventilation are adjustable, and the pod can be easily relocated on its castors.


Kolo Duo Meeting Pod:

A modular meeting pod solution available from stock, suitable for four people but expandable to twelve. It is ideal for noisy creative team discussions, brainstorming or calls.


Cell Pod Meeting Pods:

A fully customisable meeting pod solution made to any size you want. Choose which sides you want upholstered or glazed and where you want the door. It's fully demountable and reconfigurable. Create those large private meeting spaces without the painful planning permission.


Future-Proof Your Workplace:

Choose from our diverse meeting pods to give your employees the necessary privacy. Benefit from great service, customisation options that cater to your unique workspace requirements and swift delivery. Elevate your office environment and embrace the future of collaborative work with Meeting Pods.


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