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Worn, torn and a bit forlorn? Feeling like a hack?

When the ravages of time and toil knock the stuffing out of you, we’ll put it right back!”

- Ode to an office sofa, by furnify

Here’s what you need to know, at a glance:

  • Furnify upholstering services refurbish your old furniture with contract grade fabric
  • We reupholster desk chairs, bespoke furniture, repair wooden furniture, and fix mechanical issues
  • It’s far more cost-effective than new furniture
  • It’s a great solution to update your look
  • And, this one is super important, damaged furniture voids insurance policies due to fire risk

At furnify we understand there’s nothing quite like your favourite chair… especially because years of rubbing your arse into the seat has worn the fabric comfortably thin. And of course, there’s that faint, but undeniable, odour that is quite evident to anyone who reclines in it just long enough to heat it. Unfortunately, that chair must go! Luckily, it’ll come right back with brand new stuffing lovingly wrapped in our vivacious range of current contract grade upholstery fabrics.

Damaged, worn and outdated office furniture is much more than an aesthetic inconvenience in the professional business environment. Those bits of sponge poking through the shreds of its threadbare seat cushion make your office chair a real rebel! Mainly because it flouts fire-safety standards and voids your insurance policy.

Beyond regulatory health and safety problems, your furniture determines your staff’s attitude in the office and your customer’s perceptions of your ability to deliver. Colloquially put, “People be judging.”

But new furniture is expensive, and budgets are tight. Furnify Commercial Upholstering Services will repair and revive your office furniture at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Years of loyal service can take its toll on your furniture, but it is also routinely damaged during storage and transport. Indeed, a productive mouse also needs to upholster its burrow ever so often. Whether you need to reupholster for repairs, or to update your office atmosphere, furnify will provide you with a stylish new look. Furnify’s professional consultants will walk you through every step of the process and help you to choose the best commercial upholstery fabric to match your brand and create the right impression in your office.

Our skilled team of commercial upholsterers will fetch your pieces from your office premises, or from its storage location, and bring it to our workshops for refurbishment. To minimise the impact on your business furnify can supply temporary replacement furniture.

The furnify upholstering workshop specialises in the reupholstering of soft furnishing with comfortable new foam and offers a range a quality ‘Martindale Test’ or ‘Rub Test' fabrics that will add years of loyal service to your treasured pieces. Our artisan craftsmen expertly repair joinery and structural damage to wooden pieces.

Additionally, the furnify team also fix mechanical failures, like worn gas cylinders or broken levers on office chairs. Mechanical repairs for specific models are dependant on the availability of appropriate replacement parts from of our local and international suppliers.

For a cost-effective, professional solution to update your workplace atmosphere, get in touch with furnify for a consultation.

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