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Desktop Power Modules

Desktop Power Modules

Workstation Desktop Power Modules

We at furnify know how mobile technology and personal devices have become an essential integration into everyday work life. From this, we understand how important it is to have easy and accessible desktop power modules within reach. We supply modern, curved and stylish on desk power socket and data modules, Chip modules, and pixel power units to keep you connected and charged throughout your day. Our range of power module designs features power and data with CE marked UK plug sockets, USB charging ports and data ports. All our desktop power products below can be configured to your specifications.


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  1. Ply Power Module
    Ply Power Module is a on-desk birch plywood power source. Recyclable, Replaceable, Reparable and Future Proofed.
  2. Panda Desktop Power Module
    Panda Power Module is a modular desktop power solution featuring Quickfit replacement ports.
  3. Nano Desktop Power Module
    The Nano Desktop Power Module provides a compact on desk power solution for small workspaces.
  4. Oslo Desktop Power Module
    The Oslo Desktop Power Module is a neat and compact on desk power source with a 10 year warranty
  5. Caplet Power Module
    New Caplet Power Module is an easy access and modern on-desk power unit
  6. Uno Desktop Power Module 2 Plugs and USB
    As low as £0.00
    Uno Desktop Power Module with 2 UK plug sockets and dual fast charge USB A+C ports.
  7. Uno Desktop Power Module
    Uno Desktop Power Module is a sleek power source product with sockets and optional USB and data ports.
  8. Capsule Desktop Power Module
    Capsule Power Module is a fixed format on desk power source with optional USB A+C ports or Data.
  9. PixelTUF Power Modules
    PixelTuf on desk power module is an easy accessible power sources for charging devices.
  10. Porthole UK Power Module
    Porthole power module fits into a standard 8mm grommet hole of an office desk.
  11. Contour Plastic Power Module
    Contour power module for USB charging, data and media connections at desktop level.
  12. Chip Power Module
    Chip on desk power modules is a 4A dual USB port charging solution for mobile devices.
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Circular Economy and the Environment.

At furnify, we pride ourselves in offering a range of high-quality on desk power module products that are sustainable and future proof, all designed with previous power modules in mind. These can help your business take that one step closer to securing that all-important sustainability certification.

Modular in design, it serves you for longer. Meaning you get a solution that adapts to the needs of technology and avoids impacting the environment. Power modules like the Ply, Panda, PolarICE all fall within the QuickFit range, meaning any member of staff can fix or upgrade the module with simple instructions. This ensures as technology advances you can purchase from us replacement USB sockets, fit without the need of a qualified technician and return us the outdated component for recycling. Our modular power modules are commonly referred to as “plug and play” in the office furniture industry.

Power accessories that serve your every need

If you need reliable office power accessories that offer both power and data, then you've come to the right place. All of our on-desk power modules offer UK power sockets, fast-charging USB ports both A and C type sockets as well as CAT6 Data ports. And it doesn't stop there. If your workplace requires HDMI or any other special sockets, then let us know.

We know how frustrating, messy cable management looks as well as how it impacts the workplace when it goes wrong. Setting up your cable management correctly from the start means your business can work safely as well as efficiently. 


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