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Office Pods

Office Pods

Office Pods

We have the best acoustic pods for offices on the market to help you with privacy and noise reduction, so you can carry out your meetings and calls without distraction and focus on your work. Our office pods provide standalone solutions that fit in with your existing office layout and provide you and your staff with the peace you need to work optimally.

What Is an Office Pod?

An Office pod is an internal room-in-room solution that provides offices with acoustic private areas such as meeting room pods, two or four-person lounge pods, workstation pods and office phone booths. Office pods are an excellent alternative to circumvent traditional construction solutions. Pods are freestanding units designed to be completely self-contained and need no planning permission and pass every building standard and fire-regulation.

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  1. Pod Safe Isolation Pod
    Pod Safe Isolation Pod for safe meetings in 'the new normal' with healthy air space.
  2. Outdoor Office Pod
    Outdoor Office Pods suitable for all-weather ideal for green roofs or outdoor spaces.
  3. Pod Phone Small Phone Booth
    Pod Phone Small Phone Booth for open spaces where privacy is required.
  4. On the QT Phone Booth
    On the QT Phone Booth is an acoustic cabin for some quiet and undisturbed calls.
  5. Kolo Phone Booths
    Kolo Phone Booth is a single user acoustic cabin for an escape from ambient noise in the workplace.
  6. Solo Plus Phone Booth
    Solo Plus Phone Booth is a single user acoustic cabin for private calls. Available from stock.
  7. Air 3 Meeting Pods
    Air 3 Meeting Pods offer both small and large acoustic meeting and collaboration spaces for the modern office.
  8. Cabana Office Pod
    The Cabana Office Pod is designed to define spaces, create seclusion and provide a place for collaboration.
  9. Focus Plus Work Pod
    Focus Plus Work Pod for undisturbed work, phone calls & video conferences.
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Different Types of Acoustic Pods for Offices

There are many various types of pods on the market, offering a wide range of styles, sizes, and finishes with the option to customize spaces to your requirements. Each pod is unique in its structure, providing different acoustic performances with panels that have sound-absorbing qualities. 

This means that with soundproof pods for offices, you achieve a greater office noise reduction and also a high level of speech privacy, giving users are comfortable space to perform office-related tasks and confidential or sensitive meetings.

Other features of acoustic pods for offices to deal with privacy and for comfort and creativity include:

  • Led lighting and air circulation activated by infra-red motions sensor,
  • Power outlets and USB charging ports
  • Whiteboard panels
  • TV monitor brackets and pinboards

Adaptable Creative Space

Pods provide an excellent solution when in need of additional meeting space for quiet privacy zones and collaboration spaces within modern workspaces.

Designed as independent units with their own structural framework, acoustic pods for offices’ are made up of sound-absorbing wall panels, glazed partitioning and flat roofs and make for simple installation and reconfiguration as the needs change within an organisation. The units simply “plug and play”.

Functions and benefits of office pods

The office pod has become a popular archetype within the modern office furniture landscape. Here are some of the benefits of using pods in the office:

  • Free space for enhanced privacy when required
  • Provides enclosed spaces for concentration
  • Improves the wellbeing amongst staff
  • Lowers the stress of office workers
  • Provides complete confidentiality
  • A pace to help escape noise - office noise reduction

How do I find the right office pod for my company?

At furnify, we have over 15 years of experience with soundproof pods for offices. Since the inception of the first indoor office pod designed for privacy and office noise reduction, we’ve been advising, planning and installing all types of acoustic booths and pod solutions throughout the UK. 

We can guide you through the selection process, starting with choosing the right type of pod for you, based on your space, your needs regarding function and flexibility — and your building’s regulations.

Contact us now and find out how your office could benefit from our range of soundproof pods for offices.