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Hush Phone Booth

HushPhone Office Phone Booth


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The Hush Phone Booth is a comapct soundproof cabin for speech privacy. People can use it to make phone calls, video conference calls, or work without any disturbances. Hush Booths protects the confidentiality of conversations, noticeably reducing ambient noise while improving the overall mood in the workplace. Add that Hush Office element into your office with the Hush Office Phone Booth.

Hush office booths feature a sensor that turns on the lights and ventilation when the user steps inside the booth. A side shelf and a hidden fold-down table adequately support the user's laptop.

The Hush Pod family provides the ideal acoustic furniture solutions for creating that smart office for the modern worker. Read below for more information.

Hush Office Booths standard features include:

  • LED ceiling light activated by a motion sensor
  • Efficient ventilation activated by a motion sensor
  • Power module (single power socket and double USB ports)
  • Mobile acoustic booth - mounted on castors
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Hush Phone Booth

With the Hush Phone Booth, you can provide free space privacy zones for personal calls and video conference calls. Modern offices need single user acoustic booths to meet the needs of workers in a friendly and open environment. The Hush office phone booth is a flexible, mobile, and cost-effective solution for office pods.

The Hush Phone Booth is a modular design. It provides a cozy place to make phone calls, work privately, and avoid noise. The Hush office booth is small and can fit anywhere in the modern office. It is a good solution for businesses with limited space that need a quiet area.

The Hush meeting office pods and phone booth are lightweight, making it easy to move them within the office. Facilities managers can now move The Hush around the office because it has wheels.

The Hush phone booth construction uses a loop metal structure with 3-layers of honeycomb board 38mm thick, then sandwiched between melamine panels and neatly finished with laser edging. This supports a clear glass panel on the opposite side of the hinged glass door, allowing a continuous flow of light through the phone booth. This design feature also helps prospective users see when the cabin is in use. The interior of the phone box features padded and upholstered wall panels for comfort and acoustics, delivering the ideal enclosed space, with a high degree of sound management and speech privacy for telephone calls.

As standard, the Hush Phone Booth comes fitted with strategically positioned Led lighting above the user, power and data points, an active ventilation system powered by two fans, a shelf and a neatly tucked away fold-down table. An integrated motion sensor automatically activates both the light and ventilation on entry. The fold-down table provides the user with enough space to work on a laptop or take notes comfortably. The Hush phone box doesn't include office furniture; if a seat or perch is required, choose between the optional height-adjustable stool or an unfixed leaning stool.

The Hush office furniture range by Mikomax smart office offers a full range of both personal work and office meeting pods providing an easy room-in-room solution for a couple of people or a team of up to eight users to hold a Hush meeting.

Taking delivery of the Hush acoustic booth is easy. Once assembled, The phone booth needs only to be plugged in and office workers can then make use of the space. It's well worth the investment and will your staff will make use of it.

Noise Control Done Right

The Hush Acoustic Phone Booth won't provide absolute silence because total silence is unnatural and unhealthy. Instead, the Hush provides an alternative free space for users, a quiet phone booth which provides speech privacy, so colleagues outside aren't listening or disrupted during calls.

You can introduce one Hush acoustic phone unit at a time to test their value; they are a superb alternative to expensive, time-consuming infrastructure that requires planning permission. As the workplace evolves and teams needs change, so can Hush to continually support the business needs.

Stay Safe; Work Well in Hush Booths

Ensuring the safety of office workers when they return to work is essential. Desks and other surfaces are the main areas frequently used by employees and people visiting the office. These surfaces are prone to pathogenic microorganisms which then increases the risk of transmission of disease.

The transmission of viruses and other microbes occurs between people by direct or indirect contact with an infected person. Infection occurs through droplet transmission between a sick and a healthy person. The virus transfer can also occur through contact with a contaminated surface with a sick person’s secretions. Let's find out how the Hush Phone Booth and office pods help you and your colleagues stay safe.

All Hush Office Phone Booths and pods now feature nano-photocatalyst coated surfaces that counteract the development of virus and microbes. Through light, both natural and artificial the coating acquires disinfecting properties. This disinfecting process is continuous and lasts no less than 12 months from the moment the application of the nano-photocatalyst.

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A pull-down laptop table is neatly integrated into the acoustic side panel of the Hush Phone Booth. This gives users an additional work surface to the already standard shelf unit. The power module with USB charging is conveniently located directly under the table.
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The Mikomax Hush Office Phone Box is a great free space acoustic solution featuring fully upholstered wall panels for an acoustically lined interior cabin. The led ceiling light is activated by the motion sensor along with a dual-fan ventilation system.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2200
Width (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 900
Product Details
Acoustic Certification Speech suppression and sound reduction.
Interior Acoustic lined upholstered panels in three fabric options including wool fabrics.
Exterior Laminate exterior shell in white or anthracite/black
Air Circulation Integrated air circulation powered by two fans controlled by sensor.
Sensor Integrated PIR Sensor switches on on the lighting and ventilation on entry.
Floor Carpeted floor.
Door Tempered acoustic glass door with handle and latch.
Fabric Panels Upholstered panels in Mura fabric
Glass Panels Glazed acoustic rear glass panel.
Lighting LED ceiling light run run by a motion sensor.
Integrated Power 230V UK Power socket and USB charging port.
Shelf Made from MDF, 38mm thick with a lacquer finish. Dimensions: w778 x h276 x d220mm
Tabletop Fold away table with leather pull handle from the side panel. Finished in natural veneer, includes clamp on chrome hinges, 468w x 345d mm
Levelling Feet Adjustable feet for uneven floors.
Relocatable Mounted on castors the booth can be easily relocated.
Weight un-packed 320Kg
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