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We are design thinkers. At furnify, we believe great design helps us to make sense of our environment. The right design provides innovative, simple solutions to complex problems. And when that same design lets you explore your world intuitively while carrying an embedded message that shapes your very understanding, that’s perfection!

Our passionate team has over six decades of combined experience covering fine arts, bespoke design, and contract furniture supply. With both a love for aesthetics and a scrutinising understanding of design, we know how to brand your company’s space with precisely the right piece of functional furniture. We understand that great interior design and furniture choices tell people where to go, what to do, how to act, and who you are. It’s design thinking at work.

With that in mind, we have made it our mission to connect you to a single, intuitive, online resource dedicated to the most exciting, quality furniture on the planet. This is your portal to design thinking. This is furnify.


Planning your office space starts here

At Furnify we aim to help you improve your workplace environment by transforming your office space into a place where your workforce feels comfortable while also making it reflect your business culture and needs. Our team of workplace consultants help design and space plan working environment to improve efficiency and encourage creativity.

Delivery and Installation services

We at Furnify are here to help you with your office, that's why we go above and beyond by offering project managed delivery and installation services of all furniture procured through us or any other means. We would be glad to discuss any requirements you might have regarding the acceptance of deliveries, handling and checking of furniture items right through to delivering and installing them for you.


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