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Cell Pod Meeting Pods

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Cell Pod Meeting Pods

Cell Pod Meeting Pods create focused room-in-rooms that allow for concentration by eliminating distractions without disconnection from the surrounding environment. Cell Pods eliminate any distractions for those outside the Pod, thanks to the excellent acoustic properties of the system.

CellPod provides an exceptional room solution to effortlessly establish a seamless division, enhanced privacy, and a dedicated space for utmost concentration, all without the need for planning permission to construct a new structure from scratch.

Cell Pod Meeting Pods offer highly rated acoustic room-in-room solutions that are fully demountable and reconfigurable. Featuring all the architectural qualities and services that you would normally associate with traditionally built environments. Create excellent freestanding solutions when creating privacy and collaboration spaces within work environments. 

Cell Pods define areas creating privacy and collboration spaces within work environments. All rooms provide a comfortable place that is both private with integrated power and data to support any task. Choose a ready-made CellPod or have one custom-made to fit your needs and preferences.

Technical Details
Customer Questions
Does the CellPod come flat packed?
The Cell Pod Meeting Pod is a modular room-in-room system comprised of upholstered and glazed panels. These come flat packed and are proffesionally installed onsite by a specialist team.
Is the CellPod Meeting Pod fully customisable?
We provide a completely bespoke, tailor made solution which means you get what you want and what you need. The Cell Pod is completely reconfigurable allowing you to advance your office along with your company. With every decision down to you, from size to digital connectivity options, you need not search further than Cell Pod Meeting Pods. As we design and manufacture this product we have complete control over the end result, and we will work closely with you to ensure we meet your required specification, which must include: • Two glass sides • Two upholstered sides • Hinged glass door • Air-Circulation or AC Unit • Lights • Passive Infra-Red • Internal Power • High dB rating

Cell Pod Meeting Pods

Cell Pod Meeting Pods are an acoustic office pod system designed to create additional free quiet workspaces within the open-plan office. You design, and we make office pods to fit your space. Choose between a standard CellPod Phone Booth unit or have a private meeting space made to measure for a specific space in your office. Designed to integrate seamlessly within any interior, Cell Pod Office Pods are freestanding, fully demountable and reconfigurable, engineered to create unique environments for the modern office.
With the CellPod Office Pods there are some basic pre-set modules or sizes that offer either single-user phone booths, Conference Call Booths, work pods, small meeting rooms and larger 11 plus pod boardrooms. We aim to work with you to design the perfect Cell Pod system, fully compliant with all workplace and building regulations internationally and tailored to your business needs.
Create single-user office work pods with desks, office Conference Call Booths, lounge pods, collaboration pods for teams or introduce a client-facing isolation pod to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19. These fully customizable, noise-insulating office pods are freestanding with superior atmospheric control systems and dimmable LED lighting that puts you in complete control of your environment. 
Need to take a phone call? Cell Pod. Are you in need of additional quiet space in the open-plan office for teams to collaborate on projects? Cell Pod. Are you presenting a sales pitch to that all-important client and you need privacy, a whiteboard, and a multimedia interface? There’s a Cell Pod for that too.
Developed for commercial office environments, it offers businesses a highly specified unfixed acoustic room solution for creating extra meeting rooms, project rooms for teams and smaller groups or individual work pods and phone booths. CellPod is designed to integrate seamlessly with its surroundings and provides different width and height dimensions to suit the space. CellPods offer you completely bespoke, tailor-made freestanding room solutions, meaning you get what you want and what you need for your business. Cell Pods are completely reconfigurable allowing you to advance your office along with your business. 

Cell Pod Isolation Pods

COVID-19 is still around, but indicators show us that various markets are winning the battle against the virus, and we can start making the office a destination again.
We all know this does not mean it will be like it was before lockdown. The opening of businesses will take different shapes. Companies can reassure both their workers and customers about their safety apart from taking temperatures as they enter and providing hand sanitiser by providing isolation office pod systems.
Using an office pod system like Cell Pod, businesses can create freestanding customer-facing isolation rooms to meet with clients or customers, which helps block potentially harmful virus transmission through talking, coughing and sneezing. Situated in or near the reception entrance, these isolation pods allow businesses to meet with clients while ensuring both parties' safety.
The Cell Pod Meeting Pod system offers a market-leading acoustic room-in-room that's safe to meet with two entrances and partitioning between both parties. Design your isolation office pod to be any size you need and to your specification.

Control the Airflow

As stand-alone units, Cell Pods don't need to be integrated into the building's M&E infrastructure. As standard, all Cell pods in the range come with air handling systems that deliver fresh air into the rooms, maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment.
A PIR motion sensor automatically activates the Pods' air circulation system when the user enters the Pod. Each pod has an air circulation system that balances the air inside with the outside. This system maintains a comfortable temperature and refreshes the atmosphere to meet air quality standards.
For bigger meeting pods, you can choose a separate air-cooling unit. This lets users control the temperature inside the pod separately from the rest of the office. This is a self-contained system that is independent of the building's system.
"furnify has been providing many CellPod office pods of different sizes to organizations in the UK for a while. The demand for unfixed acoustic meeting pods has increased since people returned to work after the pandemic.
Office Meeting Pods, such as the CellPod, offer a cheaper option for creating quiet areas in offices.
You can use them as additional meeting rooms, dedicated workspaces, or booths for staff to make video conference calls." Brendon Coxell

This needs fixing before go live
Sometimes employees need to move away from their workstation, perhaps to have a one-to-one chat with a colleague or to gain some seclusion to focus on a specific task. The CellPod focus pod provides small spaces aimed at accomodating either one or two people in a lounge setting or with an individual office desk and task chair. Lighting and air circulation are activated automatically when the pod is entered.
This also needs fixing before go live
Small groups working together are great at solving problems and being creative, but this process can be very disruptive to those around them. The meeting pod provides the ideal space for four people to come together for a group video conference or conference call or to brainstorm a solution. This Pod can be supplied with a fixed acoustic ceiling or active Ceiling meaning it can be placed anywhere whilst lighting and airflow are engaged automatically as you enter the Pod.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2260 (O/A 2460mm including Airflow System Housing)
Width (mm) Customizable
Depth (mm) Customizable
Product Details
Guarantee 10 Year warranty covers all structural elements of CellPod.
Acoustic Rating Multiple glazing options are available, all offering outstanding acoustic properties, ranging from 32BDB - 36DB.
Standard Workspaces Cell-01 Phone Booth, Cell-11 Single Cell, Cell-02 Focus Cell Work Pod, Cell-04 Small Meeting Pod, Cell-06 Large Meeting Cell.
Sensor Fitted with PIR motion sensor which activates the ventilation and lighting
Air Circulation Air circulation system by fan or a ceiling-mounted air conditioning system – designed to keep the temperature within the pod during occupation at a pre -determined temperature (factory set at 21 degrees) adjustable by the client 20-24 +-2 degrees.
Optional Air Cooling For larger Cell Pod meeting pods stand-alone air-cooling unit can be specified that allows users to regulate the temperature inside the Pod independently of the wider building environment. Ceiling mounted self-contained cooling system that is designed to maintain the temperature within the Pod at a predetermined level. Supplied with an independent control that can be used to set the desired temperature within the Pod within a predetermined range of +18°/+28°, by default the unit automatically turns on as the Pod is occupied and turns off when vacated thanks to a PIR sensor.
Door Hinged Locking Door with Acoustic “Drop Down” Floor Seal on Closure or Sliding Door "Soft Close".
Floor No floor.
Lighting CellPod offers a complete tailored solution, whether that be LED spot lights, LED Panel lights, wall lights or soft boxes.
Interior Choice of fabric, laminate and glass panels.
Structure Aluminium framework finished in white, silver or black as standard. Optional RAL colours can also be requested.
Ceiling Options: Ecophon acoustic ceiling kit.
Active Ceiling CellPod’s Innovative ‘active’ patented ceiling cassette gives the occupiers an additional level of control with the ability to open the louvred ceiling system. (The design of the ‘active’ ceiling cassette is covered by UK Patent GB 171865.2 The Active ceiling system has been developed to allow a seamless integration into a building, it has been designed to provide the necessary fail safes to allow it to be used in workplaces around the world. The default position for the active ceiling is to be closed to optimise its acoustic performance but it can be opened manually or will automatically open under the following circumstances regardless of power being available due to the inbuilt UPS battery-operated actuators.
Fabric Panels Fully upholstered in blazer lite fabric and lined with composition of various acoustic materials.
Glass Panels 10mm dry jointed toughened glass
Integrated Power Horizontal power bar to include 2 x power/USB/HDMI/VGA (can only be fitted to upholstered panels)
Relocatable Can be relocated if required.
Optional Dry wipe or magnetic dry wipe panel (per face, fitted to fabric panels only), Flat Screen/AV mounting support bracket and power module.
Weight un-packed Each unit has a different weight. Made to size.

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