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The Senator Group

The Senator Group
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  1. CellPOD
    The CellPOD system provides custom made to measure room-in-room for meeting, colloboration, focused work and conference calls.
  2. se:lab Meet and Lift
    The se:lab meet and lift table is a a great sit-stand collaboration table for the open plan office or a meeting room
  3. Freeway Bench Desk
    The Freeway Bench Desk provides a cost effect workstation solution for the open office
  4. Freeway Height Adjustable Bench Desk
    The Freeway Height Adjustable Bench Desk is a cost-effective and practical sit-stand desking system
  5. CoLab Furniture System
    The CoLab Furniture System offers workspaces and institutions a versatile modular furniture system that empowers shared learning and collaboration
  6. i-Workchair 2.0 Task Chair
    The Senator i-Workchair 2.0 supports the whole of your body.
  7. HideAway Two-Person Pod
    Hideaway Meeting Pods provide an ideal space for small teams to gather privately
  8. Adapt Wall Mobile Screens
    Adapt Wall Mobile Architecture - functional room division screens for hybrid workplaces
  9. Play Personal Lockers
    Play Personal Lockers offer secure storage while supporting ad-hoc and collaborative working.
  10. Play Mobile Presentation Unit
    Play Mobile Presentation Units ideal for agile working environments and new ways of working.
  11. Mote Canopy Single Seat
    Mote Canopy Single-seat privacy chair with high back surround for seclusion from the open office.
  12. Freestanding Storage Screen
    Define My Space Freestanding Storage Screen is a high desk-side screen with integrated storage.
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