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Pods Office

Pods Office

Pods Office - Office Booths Seating, Pods and Flexible Furniture

Perfect for providing focused workspaces or acoustic meeting rooms where flexibility and privacy are key, pods office and meeting booths are popular choices when creating spaces where building wall or office partitions would be challenging. If you need office phone booths for quick calls to acoustic meeting pods with TV/AV functionality, we at furnify can assist you in creating that inviting workspace.

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  1. Hush Phone Booth
    Create quiet retreats for phone calls with Hush Phone Booths. Superb phone booths for the open plan office.
  2. Penelope Phone Booth
    Penelope Phone Booth is an acoustic privacy booth for taking personal phone calls in the office.
  3. Hush Lounge Pod
    Hush Lounge Pod is an acoustically insulated meeting pod for up to four people.
  4. Hush Open Meeting Pod
    Hush Open Meeting Pods provide free space informal meeting zones in the open office.
  5. Hush Meet L Meeting Pod
    Hush Meet L Meeting Pod is a modular acoustic office pod that can be extended if required with modules.
  6. Hush Work Pod
    The Hush Work Pod offers workers a free space escape to work undisturbed without the noise.
  7. Hush Twin Work Pods
    Hush Twin Work Pod is a dual cabin offering two seperate acoustic pods with a small footprint.
  8. Penelope Work Booth
    Penelope Work Booth is an enclosed workstation pod for uninterrupted work and conference calls.
  9. Kolo Solo Phone Booth Kolo Solo Office Phone Booths
    Kolo Solo Phone Booths
    Kolo Solo Phone Booth is a single user acoustic cabin for an escape from ambient noise in the workplace.
  10. HushHybrid Work Pod
    HushHybrid Work Pod is a single user acoustic pod solution for focussed work and video conferencing.
  11. HushMeet Small Meeting Pod
    HushMeet Small Meeting Pod is a two-person office pod for one-to-one meetings.
  12. Kolo Duo Meeting Booth
    Kolo Duo Meeting Booth is an unfixed two to four-person meeting space available from stock.
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What Is an Office Pod?

Pods Office or Office Pods, we know what you meant. Pods for Offices are internal room-in-room booths that provide soundproofed work and meeting spaces. Available in various sizes, you can find your ideal acoustic meeting space be it meeting room pods, office booth seating or office phone booths.

Why Choose Office Pods

The furnify indoor office pods are an excellent alternative when considering traditional construction methods like stud walls or office partitioning. Pods Office or Office pods are unfixed and free-standing; there is no need for planning permission or dilapidation costs. Should you decide to restack and churn your office or move, the office pods can be easily relocated. 

furnify is a leading supplier of pods for offices or office pods. We have collated the most extensive range of soundproofed office pods online. We hope you enjoy browsing our modern indoor office pods and booth options. We have custom-made pods and office pods with clean lines available in many colours. Some have comfortable seating; these flexible acoustic room solutions include solo-focused workspaces and soundproofing meeting rooms. All of our office pod options feature power sockets, USB charging ports for laptops and mobile devices, or tv/av functionality for screens, should you want to present.

Contact us now and find out how your office could benefit from our range of soundproof pods for offices.


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