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Hush Work Pod


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The Hush Work Pod is an enclosed acoustic office pod designed to provide a single work with an alternative workplace to concentrate and work undisturbed. It’s a private room-in-room workplace equipped with a desk, power sockets, USB charging port and data ports. The movable office pod allowing you to create private work spaces throughout the open office.

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Hush Work Pod

Get Hush Work Pod to escape office noise and to work indecently undisturbed. The Hush office desk pod provides users with an enclosed comfortable space while staying connected with the outside world.

The open-plan office brings noise and distractions and often shared office spaces are relatively empty, while private meeting rooms are full. If your workers want tranquillity and you want open-plan, perhaps its time for a Hush Work Pod.

The Hush work pod allows you to maintain the openness of the modern office while providing workers with an option to work in peace when required. Developed for open office environments, Hush Pods offer independent free spaces to concentrate on specific tasks, make phone calls or carry out video conference calls. They are slightly larger than phone booths giving the users enough room for a comfortable task chair.

As standard, the Hush Work units come equipped with a fixed workstation or adjustable sit-stand desk, integrated power and data connections as well as adjustable lighting and ventilation.

Hush Pods are constructed using a metal frame and honeycomb board core with aluminium nodes. The sidewalls and canopy use three layers of honeycomb board, 38mm thick sandwiched between melamine. The front and glass back panel uses a glazed 10mm thick safety glass within an aluminium frame. Comprised of 5mm tempered glass - 2 layers acoustic film - 5mm of tempered glass. Housed in aluminium profiles with acoustic seals. The hinged door uses tempered, bonded glass with a handle. The back glazed panel features an integrated middle column, made using 3-layer melamine chipboard and channels the electrification, houses the power connections and light switch. All chipboard elements are finished using zero-join edge laser technology for a clean finish.

The worktop dimensions are 820 x 540mm. It's made using honeycomb board, 38mm thick and finished in melamine. An aluminium node connects the top with the leg.

For a comfortable working experience, the interior features upholstered panels made of chipboard covered with polyurethane foam. Choose between three fabric bands; Mura, Petrus and a Wool based fabric for extra acoustic benefits.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2300
Width (mm) 1600
Depth (mm) 1200
Product Details
Acoustic Rating Acoustic rated privacy space.
Exterior Melamine faced exterior in either white or anthracite/black.
Air Circulation Active ventilation systems helps circulate the air flow.
Sensor infrared sensor activates the lighting and ventilation.
Floor Metal frame with own carpeted floor.
Door Hinged door made of tempered, bonded glass with 4 layers of acoustic film with handle.
Fabric Panels Panels made of chipboard covered with polyurethane foam and upholstered. Polyurethane foam CM 30120.
Glass Panels Back and front glass panels are use 10mm safety glass - 5mm of tempered glass - 2 layers of acoustic film - 5mm of tempered glass.
Lighting Adjustable lighting strips with switch is supplied as standard.
Integrated Power Pods supplied with a UK Power socket, USB charging ports and data.
Tabletop Honeycomb board, 38mm thick. Worktop finished edge finished with laser technology. Aluminium node connecting top with the leg.
Levelling Feet Adjustable feet for uneven floors.
Relocatable The pod can be dismantled and reassembled if required.
Optional Blutooth speakers can be added.

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