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HushFREE.L Office Pod

Acoustic Office Pod for 4-6 People


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The HushFree.L Office Pod transcends the limitations of traditional meeting rooms. It's an investment in your team's success, fostering collaboration, productivity, inclusivity, and well-being in one comprehensive solution.

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HushFREE.L Office Pod

Unleash Collaborative Potential: Introducing the HushFree.L Office Pod

Transform Meetings and Boost Productivity with Unmatched Flexibility

The modern workplace demands innovative solutions to foster collaboration, focus, and well-being. In response to these evolving needs, we proudly introduce the HushFree.L office pod, a revolutionary space designed to empower your team and redefine successful meetings.


Empowering Teamwork, Elevated

The HushFree.L seamlessly accommodates 4-6 individuals, providing the perfect environment for brainstorming sessions, presentations, video conferences, or focused team meetings. Its acoustically superior design (Class A according to ISO 23351-1:2020 standard) ensures confidentiality and privacy for your discussions, allowing your team to exchange ideas freely without distractions.


Beyond Acoustics: A Multifaceted Advantage


The HushFree.L goes beyond exceptional soundproofing. Here's what sets it apart:


  • Enhanced Well-being: Experience unparalleled comfort with efficient ventilation, adjustable 500-lux LED lighting, and acoustic floor covering. These features promote focus, alertness, and long-lasting productivity.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Effortlessly adapt your office layout with the HushFree.L's built-in wheels. This mobile pod creates dynamic workspaces without the need for permanent installations, catering to your evolving requirements.
  • Inclusive Design: The HushFree.L recognizes the diverse workforce by providing a calming and focused environment that supports neurodiverse individuals. It fosters inclusivity by minimizing distractions and catering to various learning and working styles.
  • Customizable Comfort: Design your ideal workspace with a variety of configurations. Choose from two or four sofas, a table, and optional coffee tables, allowing you to tailor the space to your team's specific needs and preferences.

Invest in the Future of Work

The HushFree.L transcends the limitations of traditional conference rooms. It invests in your team's success, fostering collaboration, productivity, inclusivity, and well-being in one comprehensive solution.


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Discover the extensive features and customizable options available for the HushFree.L.
Unleash the power of a dynamic workspace by integrating the HushFree.L into your office layout.
Embrace the future of work and empower your team to thrive with the HushFree.L.


Additional Information:

  • Motion sensor-activated LED ceiling lighting with adjustable intensity
  • Motion sensor-activated ventilation system for optimal air quality
  • Upper panel prepared for sprinkler and smoke detector installation
  • Tempered laminated acoustic glass door with handrail for easy access
  • Integrated power module for convenient device charging
  • Knobs for effortless light and fan speed adjustment
  • Wide selection of acoustic panels in 8 timeless colours to match your office aesthetic
  • Optional TV mounting kit for presentations and video conferences
  • Booth occupancy sensor for efficient space management


Key Technical Data:

  • Reduced speech level by 30.1 dB ensures exceptional acoustic privacy
  • Total airflow of 80 m3/h, with air exchange completed in 59 seconds
  • 500 lux LED lighting at the tabletop level promotes visual comfort and focus
  • Dimensions: 2210 mm width x 2780 mm depth x 2300 mm height

The HushFree.L: Where innovative design meets exceptional functionality, empowering your team to achieve their full potential.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2300
Width (mm) 2210
Depth (mm) 2780
Product Details

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