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Framery Six Office Pod

4-6 People Meeting Pod


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The Framery Six Office Pod redefines focused teamwork. This 4-6 person pod offers superior soundproofing, automatic climate control, and a modern design. Choose from over 3,000 configurations to match your brand. Furnify can help you create a productive and private workspace with the Six. Contact us today!

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Framery Six Office Pod

Framery Six Office Pod: Your Modern Meeting Oasis

Supercharge productivity and privacy with the Framery Six Office Pod – a feature-rich meeting solution for teams of 4-6. This innovative pod seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology, timeless design, and eco-conscious construction, making it a standout in Framery's intelligent pod line.


A Haven for Focused Collaboration

The Framery Six goes beyond a simple meeting pod. It's a soundproof sanctuary that fosters focused collaboration and private communication. Brainstorm with colleagues, conduct confidential calls, or hold productive video conferences – all within the pod's serene environment. Framery's superior soundproofing technology (achieving a Class rating) ensures your conversations remain undisturbed, while the integrated sound masking system further enhances acoustic comfort throughout your workspace.

Designed for You, With You in Mind

The Six isn't just functional, it's fashionable. Its timeless design boasts clean lines, a spacious interior, and a polished finish that complements any modern office aesthetic. But the true beauty lies in the level of customization. With over 3,000 combinations of colors, materials, and upgrades, you can create a Framery Six that perfectly reflects your company culture and brand identity.

Technology that Elevates Every Meeting

The power of intelligent features takes your meetings to the next level. The Framery Six boasts:

  • Automatic Lighting: Maintain a professional video presence and feel your best with automatic lighting that adjusts based on ambient light conditions.
  • Smart Climate Control: Stay comfortable and focused throughout your meeting. The pod automatically regulates temperature and airflow based on occupancy and surrounding conditions.
  • Choose between direct and indirect airflow for personalized comfort with a simple touch.
  • Seamless Connectivity: A built-in 4G module and Framery Connect™ compatibility ensure a seamless connection for presentations, video conferencing, and content sharing.
  • Automatic Software Updates: Enjoy the latest features and bug fixes without a hitch. The Framery Six receives automatic over-the-air software updates to keep your pod functioning optimally.


Sustainable Innovation for a Greener Future

Framery prioritizes sustainability throughout the design and manufacturing process. The Six utilizes eco-friendly materials without compromising on quality or user experience. This commitment ensures a reduced environmental impact while delivering a premium product.

Unleash the Potential of Smart Workspaces

Furnify is your one-stop shop for experiencing the transformative power of Framery Smart Pods. Contact us today to discuss how the Framery Six can elevate your teamwork and create a more productive and private work environment for your team.

Standard Features:

  • Adjustable lighting with two preset modes
  • Adaptive ventilation (airflow volume & direction)
  • Occupancy lights
  • 8” Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Built-in 4G module
  • Framery Connect™ compatibility
  • Automatic over-the-air software upgrades
  • Framery office sound masking system™
  • Air filters
  • Junction box
  • Two add-on rails for integrating gather zone functionality
  • Standard outlets: 4 x power outlets
  • Spring hinges

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