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Bob Meeting Pod

Bob 4 seat meeting pod


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The Bob Meeting Pod is an innovative solution to create collaborative and private workspaces. These upholstered pods offer exceptional acoustic properties and are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor power, lighting, upholstery, and tabletop finishes to your specific needs. You can choose an upholstered back panel for added acoustic benefits and aesthetic appeal. Alternatively, a glass back panel provides a more enclosed space, allowing natural light to filter through.

For a complete enclosure, consider adding glass front panels and a door. This setup creates an ideal environment for meetings or focused individual work. The Bob Meeting Pod is also mobile and easy to install. You can relocate it by dismantling and reassembling the panels or pushing the pod on castors to your desired location.

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Bob Meeting Pod

Bob Meeting Pod: Customizable Room-in-Room Solution for Collaboration and Privacy

The Bob Meeting Pod offers a versatile, fully upholstered room-in-room solution for collaborative and private spaces. Highly customizable, this acoustic pod can be tailored to your needs with various options for power, lighting, upholstery, and tabletop finishes. Enhance its acoustic benefits and aesthetic appeal by choosing an upholstered back panel. Opt for a glass back panel to allow natural light to permeate while maintaining an enclosed environment.

Key Features of the Bob Meeting Pod:

Customizable Options: Select from various power, lighting, upholstery, and tabletop finishes to create a pod that meets your requirements.
Enhanced Acoustic Properties: Choose an upholstered back panel to improve sound absorption, colour, and texture within the pod.
Natural Light Integration: A glass back panel option provides a more welcoming and comfortable space while ensuring natural light flows through.
Complete Enclosure: Add glass front panels and a door for a fully enclosed space, ideal for private meetings or focused individual work.
Mobility and Flexibility: These mobile pods are easy to install and can be relocated effortlessly. Panels can be dismantled and reassembled, or you can add castors for simple movement on the floor plate.

The Bob Meeting Pods combines innovation and practicality, making it an excellent choice for modern work environments. Whether you need a quiet space for individual tasks or a collaborative area for team meetings, this pod provides the perfect solution.

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