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HushFree.M Office Pod

Four-Person Meeting Pod


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The HushFree.M Office Pod is a fully enclosed acoustic meeting space suitable for four-people to meet in private. The features an A Class rating for sounproofing using the ISO 23351-1:2020 testing standards.

HushFree.M Features:

  • High class A acoustic comfort according to the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard for office acoustic booths.
  • Latest LED ceiling lighting activated by a motion sensor with adjustable light intensity
  • Efficient ventilation activated by a motion sensor
  • The pod has built-in wheels, thanks to which it can be freely moved around the office without having to dismantle it.
  • Occupancy light
  • Optional TV Mounting bracket
  • Integrated soft-seating for four-people
  • Integrated table



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HushFree.M Office Pod

The HushFree.M Office Pod is an acoustic pod for four people to meet privately with minimal external disturbance. It features a class A rating, in line with the latest ISO 23351-1:2020 test. Besides accommodating all your privacy requirements, it provides a comfortable, enclosed, private meeting space for longer face-to-face or online meetings. HushFree.M is designed for direct meetings or hybrid conversations requiring the utmost privacy, team meetings or creative collaboration.

You can design the interior yourself with the HushFree.M office pod. The cabin comes equipped with a ready-made table and two two-seater sofas. Choose between white or Cosmos Grey for the exterior finish; for the interior, you can choose a Gabriel Athlon Plus fabric. 

Breath Easier – Stay Longer

An efficient ventilation system in the pod circulates the air even faster, ensuring optimal working conditions. Two, three or four people can meet comfortably for longer.

Even Better Lighting for an Efficient Workplace

Step into the HushFree.M pod and bask in the brilliance of the cutting-edge LED lighting system. Immerse yourself in the perfect ambience as the lights cast a radiant glow with a temperature of 4000 K. At the tabletop, experience a flood of 500 lux, elevating your workspace to new heights of productivity and effectiveness.

Mobility - Feel the Freedom of Choosing a Location for your Pod

Seamless mobility is at the heart of the HushFree.M office pod. With its built-in wheels, this innovative workspace gracefully glides across the office landscape, eliminating the need for any disassembly. Effortlessly redefine your workspace wherever creativity and productivity take you.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2300
Width (mm) 2210
Depth (mm) 1390
Product Details
Guarantee 5 Year warranty
Acoustic Rating Class A rated
Acoustic Certification Higspeech level reduction by 30.2 dB measured in accordance with the ISO 23351:2020 standardh class A acoustic comfort according to the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard for office acoustic booths.
Interior Fully upholstered.
Exterior Choose between white or Cosmos grey MFC
Air Circulation The new ventilation system in the pod circulates the air in the pod even faster, ensuring optimal working conditions.
Floor Carpeted floor covering
Door Tempered laminated door made of acoustic glass with a handrail
Glass Panels Acoustic glass front and rear walls
Lighting The new LED ceiling lighting system in the pod provides lighting with a light temperature of 4000 K and 500 lux at the tabletop level for even more effective work.
Integrated Power Integrated power module comprised of UK power sockets, USB charging ports and data ports.
Electrics The pod is powered by a single power socket.
Tabletop Table dimensions (WxDxH) 767 x 837 x 735 mm. Made with plywood gr. 18 mm. Maximum load 15 kg. Available in two types of finishes: white and velvet black.
Levelling Feet Adjustable feet to level and stablise the pod.
Relocatable The pod has built-in wheels, thanks to which it can be freely moved around the office without having to dismantle it.
Optional Optional Bookin screen to book the pod using e-mail calendar or directly through the touch screen.

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