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Milli Sit Work Pod

Acoustic Milli Sit Office Pods


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The Milli Sit Work Pod is a cost-effective, fully enclosed workspace for focused work. The work pod is bigger than a phone booth, so people can work comfortably without interruptions for a long time. The interior workspace features an integrated power socket, USB charging ports, and a worktop at a seated height.

Milli Sit Work Pod also has a LED light and a ventilation system activated by a motion sensor. The Milli Sit is a cheap, movable acoustic booth for businesses. It has lights, air flow, and electrical outlets.

Acoustic Milli Sit Work Pod Key Features 

    • Aluminium frame and sheet steel panels finished in antharacite, black or white
    • Back Safety glass panel with acoustic film
    • Aluminium door frame with acoustic glass
    • Dark grey PET acoustic interior panels
    • Integrated tabletop finished in ash, black or white to match the exterior finish
    • Dimmable and colour-adjustable LED lights activated by motion sensor
    • Motion-activated air cirulation system
    • Equipped with leveling feet
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Milli Sit Work Pod

Upgrade your open-plan office effortlessly with the Milli Sit Work Pod. While open-plan offices are trendy and foster collaboration, the constant buzz can often hinder focus and productivity, making enclosed workspaces necessary. However, constructing private rooms can be both expensive and space-consuming. Enter the Milli Sit Work Pod – the ultimate solution to this dilemma.

This fully enclosed work pod boasts a meticulously crafted design featuring a ceiling, floor, two solid side walls, a front panel with a tempered, anti-shatter glass door, and a partially glassed back panel. Slightly larger than a standard phone booth, the Milli Sit Work Pod offers an ideal space for extended periods of focused work. Complete with a functional work surface, it accommodates a chair or stool, ensuring comfort and productivity.

Equipped with essential amenities, the Milli Sit Work Pod includes power and USB connection points, motion-sensing LED lighting, and a ventilation system. Beyond functionality, it excels acoustically, boasting a rating of over 30 dB. The internal walls are clad in dark grey acoustic PET, making it optimal for tasks demanding prolonged concentration or confidential Zoom meetings.

Distinguished by its no-nonsense design, the Milli Sit Work Pod stands out for simplicity. Available in a sleek anthracite, black or white finish, its structure seamlessly blends into any modern office interior without creating unnecessary distractions. 

This work pod is not just practical but also a great value option. By prioritizing functionality over unnecessary embellishments, it delivers privacy and concentration spaces across various settings without the hefty price tag associated with more elaborate designs. Elevate your workspace with the Milli Sit Work Pod – where simplicity meets productivity.


• Motion-activated light and fan
• Tempered safety glass on front and back
• Meets ISO 717-1 acoustic standards
• Absorbs an average of 34 dB
• Frosted and custom decals available
• Available in Black and White
• Features Dark Gray sound-absorbing PET lining
• 1 power outlet, 2 USB, and Ethernet port
• 10 ft power cord
• Input: 110-240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50-60 Hz
• Output: DC 5V, 2.1A

This needs fixing before go live
The Milli Sit Work Pod has an optional soft seated bench which provides comfortable working space inthe pod. If you dont choose to go withthe bench seat, then you can also use a low stool or task chair without the arms.
This also needs fixing before go live
The Milli Stand Phone Booth is the taller of the two acoustic booths and providses a compact space for a single user to stand or sit on a height-adjustable stool. The Milli Stand offers the same finishes of anthracite, black and white which is usually available from stock all dependant on demand. The lighting and air-circulation are also activated by motion sensor and the phone booth also has an integrated power module which provides a uk power socket and USB charging ports.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2005
Width (mm) 1200
Depth (mm) 825
Internal Dimensions in mm. W1070 x D716 x H1818
Product Details
Guarantee 5 Year limited for structure 2 Year limited for electrical components
Acoustic Rating Typically 34dB rated.
Interior Dark grey acoustic PET felt
Exterior Choose between Black, Graphite or White.
Air Circulation Motion sensor activated air ventilation.
Sensor Motion sensor activated the lighting and ventilation.
Floor Carpeted floor.
Door Aluminium acoustic hinge and aluminium handle. Right hand opening or left hand opening
Glass Panels Tempered glass with anti shatter film.
Lighting Motion sensor controlled Dimmable LED light with multiple colour temperature settings
Electrics 2 AC Outlet, dual USB outlet (DC 5V 2.1A), and CAT6
Tabletop Table steel colour will match exterior.
Certification Factory ISO 14001/9001/50001

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