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Mews Office Pods

Mews Habitats for the New Workplace


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Mews offers co-workers comfortable enclosed ergonomic workspaces with open & enclosed pods such as Focus, Connect, Open & Collaborate. The system's hackable office pod exterior allows Mews to be connected to a frame & curtain system to create a meeting, work or relaxing areas using negative space.

Why go for Mews?

  • Increased need for enclosed private video conferencing and focuswork pods
  • Effective use of social spaces around the pods
  • Comfortable proportions for users and compact footprint
  • Simple to specify and plan
  • Easy to 'hack' and make stylish and unique configurations
  • Diverse modules to build landscapes perfect for the user's needs
  • Specification easily updated and modified
  • Great acoustic & visual privacy
  • Environmentally sound construction
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Mews Office Pods

The Mews Office Pod is a line of room-in-room solutions for the new work landscape. Mews Office Pods use the negative space within the open office to form unfixed habitats ideal for a focus call space, collaborations or bonding.

Fixed architectural walls used to be what divided spaces and defined privacy. In today's workplace, the emphasis is on unfixed movable office pods, which offer high levels of function and flexibility. These also don't need planning permission, and they have no dilapidation costs should you move offices.

The office needs spaces that work well and make workers feel good. Mews pods enhance the ergonomics of your office with features such as air quality, regulating temperature and adjustable lighting to create habitats that improve the quality of work, connection and collaboration.

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Controlled Lighting

We have all become very aware of how we look on camera, from the first moment we log in to a Teams call to the moment we catch a glimpse of our faces on the attendee screen. Having that human connection is vital to gauge response and better understand the conversation. Creating a positive environment to be seen is paramount, boosting confidence and projecting the right message for your brand. There are several elements to control to create a complimentary visual for video conferencing: lighting, colour, shape, and texture.

The VC lighting system creates loop lighting, where a small shadow of the subject's noses on their cheeks avoids dark shadows around the eyes. The light source is slightly higher than eye level and about 30-45 degrees from the camera and bounces light off the back wall to distribute a defused, soft light evenly across the face. The rear downlight against the back wall provides a halo effect, a flattering contrast around the head. Whilst your Focus pod can be upholstered in any colour on the desk wall, we recommend using natural tones that reflect a complimentary colour across the face and the introduction of subtle texture can introduce interest and create visual privacy too.
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Air Quality & Temperature

Our new ventilation system allows fresh air to be drawn in - hot air extracted out. All pods are also set to deliver 12 air changes per hour as a ‘nominal’ setting. Providing quality air flow and a stimulating atmosphere whist maintaining the ambient temperature.


Mews offers high levels of acoustic insulation, achieved through innovative sound absorbent wall panels - disconnecting you from the wider environment to focus, and providing acoustic privacy for calls.


Power to recharge USB A+C with HDMI connectivity to a screen recommended size 32”.


Standard tables have an anti microbial Fenix top and rounded corners to maximise on space.

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Dimensions & Details

Product Details
Air Circulation Ventilation system allows fresh air to be drawn in - hot air extracted out.
Door 8mm toughened glass door.
Glass Panels 6mm toughened glazed panels on the front.
Lighting VC lighting system creates loop lighting and Pendant Lighting.
Integrated Power Power to recharge USB A+C with HDMI connectivity to a screen recommended size 32”.
Tabletop Standard tables have an anti microbial Fenix top and rounded corners to maximise on space.

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