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Qyos 400 Office Pod

Four-Person Acoustic Office Pod


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The Qyos 400 Office Pod is a room-in-room acoustic meeting solution that sits unfixed in the open office to provide “islands of privacy” for small teams. The Qyos 400 Office Pod can be a counterpoint solution to the misuse by individuals or overuse of meeting rooms. Office Pods like the Qyos 400, are used as a strategic tool to organize space and encourage the optimal movement of people.

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Qyos 400 Office Pod

The Qyos 400: Your Oasis of Calm Amidst the Open-Plan Buzz

Introducing the Qyos 400 Office Pod, your one-stop solution for creating dedicated workspaces within the collaborative chaos of an open-plan office.

Designed by Actiu's (research and development specialists), the Qyos 400 is the largest in a range of modular, sound-proof booths perfect for individual calls, focused work sessions, or collaborative brainstorming.

Escape the Noise, Not the Collaboration:

Say goodbye to misused conference rooms and unwanted distractions. The Qyos 400 offers a haven of privacy for individuals and small teams, fostering enhanced focus and productivity.
Strategically organize your workspace with the Qyos 400, encouraging optimal workflow through designated quiet zones.


Adaptable and Sustainable:

  • Untether your meetings: The Qyos 400 boasts a reversible door that seamlessly integrates with any office layout. Plus, its lightweight design allows for easy relocation as your needs evolve.
  • Eco-conscious construction: The pod utilizes recycled PET plastic (felt) for insulation, combined with acoustic laminated glass and a robust steel and aluminium frame, ensuring sustainability without compromising durability.


Personalize Your Pod, Personalize Your Workstyle:

Unleash your inner designer with a variety of customization options. Choose from a range of textured paints, fabrics, and melamine finishes to create a Qyos 400 that perfectly complements your office aesthetic.


Comfort is Key:

Stay comfortable throughout your workday with the Qyos 400's low-energy LED lighting, integrated air circulation system, and a selection of optional extras to enhance your experience. Opt for a high or low table, plush seating, stools, or even TV/AV functionality.


Technical Specifications:

  • Sound Insulation Type A according to ISO 2335-1:2020 for superior noise cancellation.
  • An efficient ventilation system ensures optimal temperature control and air quality, adhering to DIN 1946 air renewal standards.
  • Acoustic glass panelling and rubber sealing profiles guarantee exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • M1 emission and formaldehyde classification for indoor air quality you can trust.
  • Integrated 8.6W 12V Linear LED lighting provides bright, neutral daylight for a comfortable work environment.
  • Compact Plug & Play power system with universal voltage compatibility (110-240V), featuring a power socket, USB A & C charging points, and a presence detector.
    External dimensions: W2050 x D1940 x H2200 mm.

Transform your open-plan office into a haven of productivity with the Qyos 400 Office Pod. Contact Furnify today to discuss your workspace needs and create your personalized oasis of calm.

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