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Midi Studio Booth

Midi Studio Acoustic Work Pod


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The Koplus Kolo Midi Studio Booth is a fully enclosed studio space designed for focused work in an open-plan office.

The Kolo Midi Studio Booth is an acoustic work pod designed for remote work in an open-plan office. The single-user work pod comes equipped with a motion sensor, which activates the LED lights and air circulation system when the user enters. The LED lights are dimmable from 1800 lumens and temperature adjustment from 2700 to 6500K. You can settle in comfortably and focus without any outside distractions. The Kolo Midi Studio features built-in rollers which make the pod easy to relocate on the same floor space.

Midi Booth provides a spacious room-in-room solution with an optional height-adjustable desk and sofa. So, if you're in the office and need a quiet retreat for a conference call or focused work step inside the Kolo Midi Studio Booth.

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Midi Studio Booth

The Kolo Midi Studio Booth offers a self-contained, soundproofed environment perfect for focused work in open-plan offices. This innovative booth is designed to enhance productivity by eliminating external distractions.

Spacious and Comfortable

The Kolo Midi Studio Booth provides ample space for a worktop and chair, allowing you to create a personalized and comfortable workspace. With dimensions tailored to fit seamlessly into modern offices, it ensures you can work efficiently without interruptions.


Superior Acoustic Solution

Our booth utilizes high-quality soundproofing materials and advanced structural detailing to minimize noise, creating an ideal setting for uninterrupted focus. The acoustic design meets industry standards, making it a top choice for professionals seeking quiet workspaces.


Personalized Lighting

Experience customizable lighting with adjustable LED lights. The Kolo Midi Studio Booth features dimmable LEDs with brightness settings ranging from 1800 lumens and color temperatures adjustable between 2700K and 6500K. An automatic motion detector enhances energy efficiency and user convenience.


Optimal Ventilation

Maintain a comfortable environment with custom-designed airflow vents that ensure constant natural air circulation. The built-in ventilation system is engineered to provide a steady flow of fresh air, enhancing your workspace comfort.


Built-in Charging Solutions

Stay powered up with our user-friendly charging ports conveniently located at table level. The UL and CE certified charging station includes two AC outlets, two USB chargers, and one CAT-6 port, accommodating all your power needs with input specifications of 110-240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50-60 Hz, and an output of DC 5V, 2.1A.


Easy Mobility

Kolo Midi booths are equipped with leveling feet and rollers for easy horizontal movement, allowing you to reposition the booth within your workspace effortlessly. This flexibility ensures your booth can adapt to changing office layouts.

Dimensions and Weight
Exterior Dimensions: W 1600 x D 1220 x H 2250 mm
Interior Dimensions: W 1470 x D 1110 x H 2110 mm
Weight: 406 kg
Customizable Space Options
Personalize your booth with additional options such as the Kolo Sofa, Focus Pneumatic Desk, and UV-C Light. These features allow you to tailor the booth to your specific needs, creating a truly bespoke workspace.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2250
Width (mm) 1600
Depth (mm) 1200
Internal Dimensions in mm. W1400 x D1170 x 2000
Product Details
Interior Grey acoustic PET felt.
Exterior Steel structure with steel sheet covers in either black or white from stock.
Air Circulation Motion sensor air ventilation.
Door Aluminium acoustic hinged door and handle. Right-hand or left-hand opening
Glass Panels Tempered glass with anti-shatter film.
Lighting Dimmable and colour temperature adjustable LED lights with PIR sensor.
Integrated Power 2 AC Outlet and dual-USB outlet (DC 5V 2.1A)
Levelling Feet Adjustable stabilising feet.
Relocatable Movable with integrated casotrs.
Optional Optional pneumatic height-adjustable desk in black.
Weight un-packed 430Kg
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