Bench Tables
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  1. Heldu Extendable Table

    Heldu Extendable Table offers more surface space when required with additional tops.
  2. Martin Tables

    Martin Table collection offers collaborative worktables, conference and meeting tables.
  3. Dito Table

    Dito Table provides a very practical table solution for the modern collaborative office.
  4. Beam Table

    Beam Table range offers an industrial aesthetic statement table for collaborative work.
  5. Cubb Worktables

    Cubb Worktable solutions for a more agile working way of style in the modern office.
  6. Mastermind Flow Table

    Mastermind Flow Table is a family of informal worktables for working, discussing or presenting together.
  7. FourReal A Table

    FourReal A Table is an inspirational worktable solution ideal for collaborating, socialising and focussing activities.
  8. Bae Worktables

    Bae Worktables are ideal in workspaces where the collaborative is as important as the personal.
  9. Centro Lite

    Centro Lite Table is a 'light touch' communal worktable for collaborating, meeting or socialising.

Bench Tables & Work Tables

Bench tables or office work table solutions are recognised as a vital piece of any loose furniture package when refurbishing the office. Traditionally they have been used mainly as dining tables in the work-café, breakout space or canteen. But in today's modern office, personal desks are increasingly being superseded by 'light touch' communal furniture that provides greater flexibility and a smaller footprint. By introducing the bench tables into the open-plan office as work tables, they function as collaborative team tables.

Bench sets, generally comprised of tables and benches are the most commonly requested configurations. However, a move towards more mixed bench sets now includes a mix of seating, combining bench seating with stools and chairs. This type of arrangement with mixed seating gives users the choice to work alone or jointly on projects.

Our range of bench tables and team tables offer a great selection of tables without and with power and lighting options.