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Allt Worktable

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The Allt Worktable is a solid oak frame collaborative table solution for the hybrid workplace.

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Allt Worktable

Welcome to the world of Allt Worktables, where functionality meets style in the realm of office furniture. Say goodbye to mundane workspaces and hello to meaningful destinations that inspire productivity and collaboration. The Allt Worktables are here to transform your contemporary workplace into a calm oasis amidst the chaos.

Crafted from solid European oak, the Allt worktable range is the perfect companion to the highly successful BAE Table collection of worktables. These tables are sturdy and durable; they boast a minimalist design that leaves a light footprint, giving your workspace a touch of elegance.

Speaking of design, Allt's straight-leg architecture is a masterpiece in itself. It provides ample leg space and celebrates the beauty of contemporary lines, natural wood, and meticulous craftsmanship. The ample worktops are split in half lengthways, making manufacturing, installation, and reconfiguration a breeze while adding a fresh and unique aesthetic to your space.
But Orangebox didn't stop there! Allt understands your need for privacy and convenience. That's why they've incorporated a raised shelf into the design, complete with a handy LED task light. Positioned at seated eye level, it offers both visual privacy and a source of illumination for those late-night brainstorming sessions.

At Furnify, we believe in sustainability, and Allt Worktables are no exception. The Orangebox solid oak frames are sourced from carefully selected and responsibly managed renewable forests. Orangebox is  committed to minimizing its environmental impact, so they've kept the materials and production processes to a minimum, making every Allt table as environmentally smart as possible.

In their quest for seamless design, they've hidden the floor cable feed within the wood frame, ensuring that the elegant and refined structure remains untainted by unsightly cable risers. Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to easy-access worktop power that doesn't compromise on style.

So, whether you're looking to create a collaborative space that fosters teamwork or a personal workstation that sparks creativity, Allt Team Tables have got you covered. Embrace the natural beauty of wood and elevate your office with Allt. 

A great Allt-ernative way of working!

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 730
Depth (mm) 1200 or 1400
Width (mm) 2340/3900 or 5460
Product Details
Assembly Required No

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