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On Point Table

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The On Point Table lets you seamlessly integrate nature's touch into your space. Talk about adding a breath of fresh air to your meetings!

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On Point Table

Introducing the sensational On Point Table, brought to life by the brilliant mind of designer extraordinaire Mattias Stenberg. You might already know him as the mastermind behind the wildly successful Carry On stool. Well, he's back at it again, folks, and this time he's taking your meeting game to a whole new level!

Prepare to be mesmerized by the sheer elegance and softness of the On Point Table. It's not just a table; it invites meaningful connections and conversations. Whether you're gathering with colleagues or engaging in private tête-à-têtes surrounded by lush greenery, this table has your back!

As part of Offecct's groundbreaking O2asis concept, the On Point Table lets you seamlessly integrate nature's touch into your space. How, you ask? Well, it's all about those clever centre modules that accommodate plants of various sizes. Talk about adding a breath of fresh air to your meetings!

But that's not all, my friends. We've taken it up a notch and ensured the On Point Table is ready for the modern world. With the option of adding a power source, this table becomes an absolute game-changer for public spaces where electronic devices reign supreme. Power up and connect while enjoying the company of your green companions. Now that's what we call a win-win!
Let's hear it straight from the mastermind himself, Mattias Stenberg: "The On Point table is the brilliant evolution of the ideas that sparked the Carry On stool revolution. It's all about fostering those informal, impromptu meetings in the workplace or even at a bustling airport. With its unmistakable handles, the stool exudes mobility and sparks spontaneous connections. The table, on the other hand, brings people together, comfortably accommodating up to eight individuals. And if you're craving a more intimate gathering, it's perfect for that too. Think of it as your personal haven amidst the bustling world."

Oh, and did we mention the captivating micro-architecture it creates in any room? The On Point Table's tree-inspired centre, with its captivating rings of two sizes, creates a natural ceiling that wraps you in a cosy embrace. It's like stepping into a secret garden of tranquillity and comfort.

So, dear trendsetters and conversation enthusiasts, get ready to elevate your meeting experience. Bring the On Point Table into your life and witness the power of nature and design coming together in perfect harmony. Let Offecct and Mattias Stenberg lead the way to a greener, more connected world. It's time to embrace the On Point revolution and let your meetings flourish like never before!

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