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se:cube Phone Booths


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The se:cube phone booths and work pods, the perfect closed and flexible free space room-in-room solution for open offices. It's a free space that inspires, allows users to work independently and adapt to an extremely wide range of requirements. Available in three different pod sizes and several design variants, the se:cube offers the perfect solution for the future of agile working. Its sophisticated structure ensures the ideal acoustics and atmosphere.

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se:cube Phone Booths

The se:cube phone booths and work pods are freestanding acoustic room-in-room solutions where you can make phone calls, work alone in silence or meet. These open space concepts not only provide staff with flexible options of where to work but also encourage new working styles that will shape the office of the future. It helps replace well-established structures while improving communication and cooperation. se:cube booths and pods shortens distances, offers space for flexible meetings and spontaneous exchange which help shape the office space of the future.

Great office design, along with smart furnishing are fundamental in areas like London, where office space is at a premium. In the open-plan office, desk proximity encourages communication and collaboration. But what happens when the work style determines the area? By introducing se:cube office booths and pods it creates the ideal symbiosis of proximity and distance - giving staff the option of lengthy phone calls, small group meetings and space for uninterrupted work.

se:cube booths and pods offer a variety of colourful designs and large glazed surfaces; it creates transparency, so users aren’t entirely isolated but still comfortable. The se:cube fits harmoniously into its surroundings, just like a piece of furniture. Within its four walls, productivity and concepts can unfold.

Available in variable sizes; the se:cube family can be broken up into three pod groups: se:cube small 1500 x 1000mm; se:cube medium 2000 x 1500mm and se:sube large 2500 x 2500mm.

The next size up is the se:cube medium meeting pods, offering slightly larger single occupancy, two-person sharing work pods, conference call pods and four-person meeting pods. The medium-range is best suited to small meetings, telephone or video conferences and four-person meeting pods.

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Product Details
Acoustic Certification A measurement based on DIN 3382-3 (Measurement of parameters of room acoustics - Part 3: Multi-person offices) has shown that with an office typical background level of 35 dB(A) to 40 dB(A) the intelligibility of a speech signal (expressed in the Speech Transmission Index STI) already reaches values below 0.2 at a distance of 2 m from the cabin. This means that speech is usually incomprehensible and is also supported by the respective specifications according to workplace guidelines for traffic route widths in open office landscapes.
Exterior Choose from eleven colours.
Air Circulation Temperature and CO2 sensors: concealed and nearly noiseless
Sensor The presence detector features a CO2 sensor and controls the space fully automatically.
Floor Comes standard with its own floor. You’re free to choose any colour from the Interface composure carpet collection.
Door Glass hinged door with a powder-coated aluminium frame with a graphite-textured surface.
Fabric Panels Acoustic panels upholstered with fabric. Choose between Atlatic, Xpress, Nova and Twist fabric ranges.
Glass Panels Uses toughened safety glass. Optional laminated safety glass with acoustic film.
Lighting FItted with Neutral white 4000 K LED panel. Dimmable as an additional feature.
Levelling Feet Adjustable leveling feet.
Relocatable Short assembly times thanks to the innovative lift technology. This also makes it extremely easy to move the se:cube to a new location, without any need for disassembly.
Weight un-packed Small Booth 330Kg | Medium 640Kg | Large Pod 900 Kg

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