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Office Work Booths

Office Work Booths

Office Work Booths

Office work booths are semi-enclosed screened-off workplace alternatives for frenzied periods in the office. They provide temporary, free spaces that workers can retreat to for individual undisturbed work.

Screened based personal work booths are appealing to open-plan office environments for their flexibility and functionality. They cater to a wide range of demands for space planning and structuring without affecting the structure of the building. Create individual work booths scattered throughout the office or grouped configurations for undisturbed work and most importantly a personal workspace. 

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  1. Link Modular
    Link Modular is a versatile screen system to create personal workstations and collaboration areas.
  2. Haven Work Pod Solo
    Haven Work Pod Solo offers a screen supported workstation for privacy in the open office.
  3. Haven Pods
    Haven Pods furniture system provide unfixed focus work booths and informal meeting pods.
  4. Coppice Work Booth
    Coppice Work Booths designed to offer focused workspace and combat noise distractions in the open-plan workplace.
  5. Bee Personal Work Pods
    Bee Personal Work Pod is an alternative workspace solution for focused work in an open office.
  6. Snug Work Booths
    Snug Work Booths offer free-standing self-contained privacy workstation solutions in various configurations.
  7. SecRetair Privacy Desk
    SeCretair Privacy Desk is a mobile free space solution for concentrated work in the open office.
  8. BuzziBooth Work Booth
    BuzziBooth acoustic privacy work booths and Pods for creative focused places.
  9. We Meet Work Booths
    We Meet Work Booths for both single occupancy focused work and team collaboration zones.
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