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BuzziBooth Work Booth


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BuzziBooth work booths allow you to work undisturbed in the office. Create and define free spaces for alternative ways to work in the office with the Buzzibooth acoustic product range. Available in four models the stand BuzziBooth Worstation, BuzziBooth Phone Booth, BuzziBooth Sided by SIde Workstation for shared working and the lower BuzziBooth Targa.  

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BuzziBooth Work Booth

The BuzziBooth work booth is an acoustically upholstered felt privacy-booth that shelters the user from ambient noise, delivering a focused zone to call and work quietly undisturbed. Its microarchitecture for modern open-plan offices - providing free space solutions for that moment of solitude.

The Buzzibooth acoustic product range includes the standard seated single workstation, standing and wider Side by Side unit for two people.

Constructed using sound-insulating materials such as felt that helps dampen distracting outside noise for a serene escape for focused call and work. Very similar to the public phone booth or wooden beach hut it helps define private zones in the office. Available in various colours and contract fabrics with the added option of mixing colours.

Acoustically the performance of the BuzziBooth helps with mid and high tones. A combination of its design features such as the soft edges and large flat surfaces help diffuse noise. The tilted canopy, along with the side panels help prevent sound propagation into the booth. The entire work booth with felt upholstered and acoustic lined panels soaks up sound waves, resulting in more comfortable working spaces and less background office noise from behind.

The three models are:

BuzziBooth Single Workstation
Size in mm: H2160 x W1290 x D1200
Worktop upholstered as standard.

BuzziBooth Side by Side Workstation
Size in mm: H2160 x W1400 x D1200
Worktop upholstered as standard.

BuzziBooth Standing Booth
Size in mm: H2340 x W1290 x D1200
Worktop upholstered as standard.

BuzziBooth Targa
Size in mm: H1200 or 1350 x W1300/1700/2100 x D1200
Worktop upholstered as standard.


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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2160
Width (mm) 1290
Depth (mm) 1200
Product Details
Frame Poplar plywood: 18 mm | 0.71”.
Fabric Panels Inside: 3D Rib | Diamond and exterior flat non-textured fabric.
Table Surfaces Worktop upholstered or in Antwerp Oak.
Lighting Optional LightPanel EU/ US/ UK.
Assembly Required Yes

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