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Back-to-Work Ancillary Items

Back-to-Work Ancillary Items

Back-to-Work Ancillary Items

Helping businesses get back to working life.

We all want the economy to do well, and one way is to make the office a destination again. To help get office workers back to work, we need to ensure the workplace is healthy, keeps us alert, energetic, engaged and motivated. We at furnify, offer a range of products that help you the employer look after your workers and their wellbeing.

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  1. Basic Personal Sanitizing Kit
    Basic Personal Sanitising Kit to helps workers keep their immediate workspace clean and germ free.
  2. Premium Personal Sanitising Kit
    Premium Personal Sanitising Kit complete with sanitizer gel, antibacterial wipes and Type IRR Masks.
  3. Information Signage
    Information Signage to help make worker and visitors aware of workplace protocols.
    The UV Bench for surface disinfection of objects to help block potentially harmful virus transmission.
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