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Premium Personal Sanitising Kit


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The Premium Personal Sanitising Kit helps make returning to the office easier by arming your workers with the essentials such as hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes and face masks. Read below for more details or get in contact for prices.

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Premium Personal Sanitising Kit

The Premium Personal Sanitising Kit is the ideal protection kit needed for workers returning to work; it helps remind them and makes it easy to keep their hands or immediate workspace clean. This Premium personal sanitising kit consists of a 150ml bottle of hand sanitiser gel, a pack of 72 antibacterial cleansing wipes and a pack of 50 surgical Type IIR face masks.

The sanitiser helps keep your hands clean while taking care and protecting your hands with its effective alcohol formulation. The alcohol destroys disease-causing agents and pathogens by breaking down the proteins, splitting cells into pieces and disarranging the cell's metabolism.

The NHS, Public Health England and World Health Organisation recommend that hand sanitiser needs at least 60% alcohol content to be effective. Our hand sanitiser gels contain a 80% alcohol formulation or above.

The pack of 72 antibacterial cleansing wipes provide a low-lint, micro-fibre fabric offering a heavy-duty cloth which traps dirt and kills germs. Each cleansing wipe contains a unique fast-acting effective formula which leaves surfaces safe and germ-free.

The protective Type IIR face masks are used to contain infected droplets and also contribute to protecting the user from airborne droplets and splashes through talking, coughing and sneezing. The masks feature a pleated style with ear loops.

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