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  1. BuzziTripl Home Screen

    BuzziTripl Home desk and room divider screen offer a lite weight flexible screen for privacy.
  2. BuzziScreen Room Divider

    BuzziScreen Room Divider is a freestanding flexible privacy screen that helps manage noise.
  3. Roll Wall Room Divider

    Roll Wall Room Divider is a mobile acoustic privacy screen with wooden accessories.
  4. BuzziCactus Room Divider

    BuzziCactus Room Divider add a touch of western into the workplace with pinnable screens.
  5. BuzziTwist Room Divider

    BuzziTwist Room Divider offers a contemporary freestanding screen to partition your space.
  6. BuzziFrio Room Divider

    BuzziFrio Room Divider is a playful three peaks acoustic privacy screen solution.
  7. BuzziFalls Room Dividers

    Suspended BuzziFalls Room Dividers or feature panels with acoustic benefits.