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Bob Meet Sofa Den & Pod

Bob Meeting Pods


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The Bob Meeting Pod and Sofa Den collection uses a varienty of upholstery elements to create collaborative and private space upholstered pods. Its perfect for creating unfixed movable meeting space solutions with different privacy levels. Read below for more information.

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Bob Meet Sofa Den & Pod

The Bod Meet Sofa Den is an innovative sofa range of upholstered soft seating elements used to create collaborative and private spaces to work. With the Bob Meet soft seating elements, you can create open, semi-open, semi-enclosed sofa dens, and fully enclosed Bob Meeting Pods.

The majority of workplace meetings are informal, impromptu, and less than four people attend most; this means large meeting rooms become expensive to a growing need. Enter the Bob Meet Sofa Den range that gives you the freedom to create free informal meeting spaces ranging from single-user workspaces, two-person, four-person, or six-person meeting pods - the choice is yours.

What's better, a large cold meeting room or a comfortable Bob sofa den with deep soft homely cushions and an integrated meeting table? 

The Bob Meet Sofa Den No Roof - for two, four, or six 

Starting with a basic configuration, you get the Bob Sofa Den without the roof. It's similar to a high back sofa booth but features an integrated floor that can be static or mounted on lockable castors. The configuration comes with a supportive table with optional power. Depending on the size you need, it comes as a two, four, or six-seater fully open unit.

Bob Meet Sofa Den with Roof

The next step up in the Bob Meet Sofa Den collection features a flat roof - this is great for offices where ambient noise is a problem. Noise travels up, and the roof or canopy helps reduce noise to the office's overall soundscape. 

Similar to the entry-level configuration, the Bob Meet Sofa Den with Roof comes with an integrated floor with the option of castors and a table. It too can be specified for two, four, or six users. The unit without side panels offers entry from both sides. 

For a more enclosed, defined, and private space, Bob Meet Sofa Den offers optional side or back panels. You can choose between a fully closed end panel wall or a half wall panel. Adding these upholstered rear panel turns the Bob into an acoustic pod. Adding the side panel also allows for the mounting of a TV or monitor.

If a TV isn't required, a glass back panel can be added as an alternative - this is great when the office has a lot of natural light as it allows light to flow through the pod.

Bob Meeting Pod for Acoustic Privacy 

By now, you know that Bob Meet Sofa offers a two, four, and six-person meeting space solution. It comes with an integrated table with optional power and side/back panels. To transform Bob Meet Sofa Den into a fully enclosed private meeting pod, you can choose to add the glass front panel with a hinged door. This ensures users in the pod have a higher level of privacy and won't be disturbed when using the pod.

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