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Office Bench Desks

Office Bench Desks

Office Bench Desks

Office bench desks are far more than a stable platform for a cup of tea and a laptop. The office bench system is the backbone of the modern open office. The variety of styles and colours availble allow you to express the function and attitude of your company. And, as the daily abode of your workforce, adding features like sliding tops and individualised accessories like privacy desk screens and personal storage, defines your brand and office environment.

The right office bench desk system can slot into any office environment. At furnify, we have sourced some of the most innovative office bench desk systems from local UK manufacturers and leading European manufacturers in office furniture to provide you with a broad range of desk styles that will fit your exact needs.

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  1. Nova Bench Desks
    Nova U Bench Desk is a modern desking system with fixed and sliding desk tops.
  2. SetMe Bench Desks
    SetMe Bench Desk is a workplace of the future desk system with height settable and standing desks.
  3. Nova Wood Bench Desks
    Nova Wood Bench Desks introduce a touch of biophilic design inspiring team collaboration.
  4. Relay Bench Desking
    Relay Bench Desking and desks offer cost-effective quick desk solutions when you need it.
  5. Wooderful Bench Desk
    Wooderful Bench Desk and Table system with solid oak legs for a touch of biophilia.
  6. Jack Bench Desk
    Jack Bench Desk: the modern office collaborating, working and meeting desking.
  7. Relic at Work Tables
    Relic at Work allows workers to adjust between collaboration and personal working.
  8. Wogi Bench Desk
    Wogi Bench Desk is a cost-effective modular desking system with ash wooden legs.
  9. Hub Bench Desk
    Hub Bench Desk with wooden legs features a telescopic beam to enable the construction of many layouts.
  10. Pailo Table System
    Pailo Table features a solid wooden Ash sculpted leg frame for formal and informal working styles.
  11. Chemistry Bench Desk
    Chemistry Bench Desk is a versatile modern desk solution with a wide range of finishes and features.
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Long bench desk systems allow staff to have open, flexible workstations while maximising the use of your office space. Smaller interlocking islands, like our Orb Desk and the Twist Bench Desk, bring teams together and encourage communication while enhancing the office a completely different working style.

Integrated cable management systems ensure that connectivity and power requirements never become painful to access or a hazard. Office desk screens and personal desk storage let staff claim their space to give it that personal touch. 

The furnify range of specially selected bench desk ranges all offer tailored solutions that let you choose the atmosphere you want to create in your office environment. You can specify contemporary all white office desks or white desk frames with warm oak desk tops. All our solutions offer integrated cable management to ensure your desks serve you now and into the future.

But, with all these options, how do you know which bench desk system is the right choice for your office space? Here are a few questions that will lead you to the right office desk solution for your company.

Do you work in teams? 

Bench desks such as SetMe desking are ideal for open-plan offices where teams collaborate on projects. Bringing your marketing, finance or design team members together with a shared bench desk opens up immediate communication and feedback channels. Fast input and agile brainstorming are the trademarks of creative teams and putting them around the same bench desking will save loads of time spent in meeting rooms to get the same result. When you create a collaborative team desk, consider a benching system with flexible desk screens that will let your creative employees add their own personal touches, like plants and photographs, to their space. It creates a sense of ownership and safety that fosters creative flow. 

Are you short on space and need to use it as effectively as possible?

Office bench desks are the signature of efficiency. Modular desk systems use shared frames, beams, and legs to support large, open stretches of desktop real estate. In practical terms, this has three very important effects. Bench desks use far less material than traditional individual desk solutions and this makes them much more cost-effective. The large open desktop space allows your employees to take up as little or as much space as they need for a specific task. And there is much more space below bench desks… ask any desk-worker who has repeatedly banged a knee on a table leg.

What is a bench desk? 

An Office bench desks is a configuration of desktops placed together on a shared frame. This form of desking is favoured by many businesses as it allows teams to work closely together and collaboratively. Another key feature of bench desking is that its more cost-effective than single office desks.