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The Contour Seating Range offers lightweight, ergonomic chairs designed for various settings, including healthcare, education, and corporate environments. With options like desk chairs and meeting chairs, each piece provides excellent support through a single-piece plastic backrest. Emphasizing sustainability, the range features components made from 100% recycled polypropylene and removable, recyclable upholstery, ensuring easy repair and long-lasting use.

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Contour Seating

Contour Seating Range: Ergonomic and Sustainable Seating for Modern Workspaces

The Contour Seating Range offers a lightweight and flexible solution for work and meeting environments. Designed with a highly efficient single-piece plastic backrest, it delivers exceptional ergonomic support, accommodating a wide range of users.


Versatile and Adaptable

Ideal for a variety of settings, including healthcare, education, and corporate environments, the Contour Seating Range is highly adaptable. It seamlessly transitions between desk work, casual meetings, and touch-down sessions, making it a perfect fit for dynamic workspaces.

Sustainable and Repairable Design

Embodying circular design principles, the Contour Seating Range emphasizes sustainability and longevity. The backrest is crafted from 100% recycled polypropylene, and both the backrest and seat feature removable covers that can be upholstered in 100% recyclable materials. This design ensures that each component is easily repairable, extending the life of the chair and reducing waste.


Key Features:


  • Ergonomic Support: Single-piece plastic backrest provides comprehensive support, enhancing comfort and productivity.
  • Versatility: Suitable for healthcare, education, and corporate settings, effortlessly adapting to different work modes.
  • Sustainability: Made with recycled and recyclable materials, promoting eco-friendly practices and easy repairability.
    Enhance your workspace with the Contour Seating Range, a perfect blend of ergonomic design and sustainability.


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