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  1. Casper Banquette Seating
    Casper Banquette Seating offers a versatile and tailored solution that seamlessly integrates into various interiors
  2. Connie Banquette Seating
    Maximize your seating space in restaurants and cafes with custom-made Connie Banquette Seating
  3. Colin Banquette Seating
    Customise Colin Banquette Seating to fit and choose from a wide range of fabric ranges
  4. Bob Meeting Pod
    The Bob Meeting Pod is a versatile solution that provides semi-enclosed and private pods
  5. Bob Room Office Pod
    Bob Room is a modular room-in-room that provides a comfortable meeting or collaboration space
  6. Clara Work Pod
    The Cara Work Pod is a fully enclosed workspace equipped with a seated height table and integrated bench
  7. Bob Meet Sofa Den & Pod
    Bob Meet Sofa Den and Bob Meeting Pod offer different levels of open or semi-enclosed meetings olutions.
  8. Bea Meeting Lounge Pods
    Bea Meeting Lounge Pod offers two, four and six-seater open and semi-enclosed sofa dens.
  9. Penelope Phone Booth
    Penelope Phone Booth is an acoustic privacy booth for taking personal phone calls in the office.
  10. Walter Sofa
    The Walter Sofa is a super comfy and sophisticated soft seating solution for the office.
  11. Polly High Back Sofa
    Polly High Back sofa lends a casual, laidback atmosphere to the modern workplace.
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